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Tuesday, March 10, 2009



This book was so fascinating to me. I love the different aspects you wrote about here. There was a great deal in the book to really relate to, wasn't there? Have you seen the original painting Chaim Potok actually did? He said this book was the most autobiographical of his books, though not a true autobiography. I found this book sending me on-line to look up all kinds of information. It was wonderful!


I loved this book. You have such an analytical way of looking at literature and applying it to your situation. Interesting thoughts.


I haven't read the book, and what I want to comment on is the unfinished business of past relationships. I read Unfinished Business and Intimate Partners, two books by Maggie Scarf. Those books were like a revalation to me, helping me understand how the patterns of relationships in my family, even several generations ago, influenced my relationships today. I no longer have Unfinished Business, and I noted Amazon has a newer version of Intimate Partners. If your library has one of them, especially Intimate Partners, you might want to take a look.

Air force one

How valuable for me, believe that it will attract lot of people's love.

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