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Wednesday, March 04, 2009



I want the determination to not let guilt stop me from being creative! I have that problem big time!!! I love the quilt. I have a quilt project that I want to do but I don't know that much about fabric so i keep putting it off. Maybe we could skip out one of these days and go to the fabric shop together. I will bring over the patturn to show you.

I love to read your blog! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing - - I love quilts & will love seeing them on your sight - as I was reading the blog I was thinking of sending you a note asking you to show us some - - and then down in the page - there it was! I KNOW that our creativity comes from God - He created so much beauty for us, I'm sure He delights in our creating beauty for His glory!


I love your little corner of pretty, and your quilt is beautiful. Yes, fabric is expensive - would you like me to send you some? I have too much. ;-) And please create. I know I couldn't breathe if I didn't create.


I love your quilt! Is that the ME fabric??

It turned out so great. Good job!!


The colour combination you chose for your 'piece' is lovely - very fresh and calm. Perhaps your skeewumpus comes from how you press? It's easy to stretch the fabric out of shape with the iron (this is the voice of experience talking).
Keep sewing & scrapbooking & writing - it's much cheaper than psychotherapy and you have something to share with others at the end of it!

Jana D

I love your quilt. The colors are fabulous.

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