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Tuesday, May 26, 2009



You said it all. I don't have kids as big as yours, but I feel those joyful aches, as I realize each stage I leave never to return to again... I guess we just keep moving and embrace each season in our lives and the lives of your children. I wish time were slower, and that my kids would stay in their youthful state a little longer, although I know it will be going faster than I want it to. I really enjoyed your feeling and outlook today. :D


Wow. I don't know the word for that either but you said it just right! My daughter is 21 now and graduated from college and about to be married next year, and my son just finished his awards ceremony of his 11th grade year and will be leaving next year after a Senior year! I can honestly say I feel exactly like you described so much now! It must be the upcoming feelings I know I am going to have when he graduates and she gets married...all in the same month!

Mrs. B. Roth

What a beautiful sweet post! Every day feels so long and goes by so fast!

Sigh and sigh some more!

Now off to fill some tummies, one way or another!


What a beautiful post! I think the word you're looking for is namaste (I may not have spelled it right) it means the light within me honors the light (divinity) within you. It's that sense that we share a common divinity but we are also a separate (and divine) people. Maybe you see your own light reflected back as your kids go off and explore their own lives.


Sitting here, crying. Cause I want to hold that feeling too. I haven't had enough of it, and now it's getting close. 4 and 8 aren't little. I was at Sam's a few months ago and I nearly started to cry when a mom with young kids swarming out of her cart drove by me. No matter what happens I won't be the young mom with all young kids ever again. As hard as it is to be the mom pushing that overfull cart, it's hard to see it end as well.

Beautiful post.


I'm crying now. I'll try to enjoy it while I still can.

jamie `

The little hand in mine....
That is what I will miss the most. THat is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have thought about that so much this year walking to school hand in hand with my last kindergartener. About what I'll do when that is no longer my gift each day. I am a very "touchy" person and my kids seem to have inherited that so hopefully they'll still hold my hands for a while yet but that "little hand" in yours that is so trusting, so innocent, so needing you is the best hand to hold.


What a wonderful post - I don't know the word either, but so well know the feeling - my girls are 11 and 12 and so in their own growing up worlds.

Karen B.

Thank you for that post. Some days I feel overwhelmed with motherhood... and then I come back to the feeling that this time is a precious heavenly gift, that I should cherish with all that I have. Thanks again for the wonderful reminder!


You are a pretty amazing writer. To write so perfectly what there isn't a word for, but, in it's place, a very recognizable and shared feeling, is fantastic. Put this post in my favorite's folder.


Thanks for the post! It reminded me not to be so busy in living life that I forget to remember and appreciate the little things and feelings that pass in front of me each day. Sometimes we need to stop and just be "in" the moment, especially with our children.

Chris Selander

Love the post. Colin recently got invited to his first friend (3 year old) birthday party. As fun as it was to take him, it also made my heart ache that he could be old enough to already have a social calendar. My heart will break the most when he quits saying "I want up you" when he wants to be held.


I don't know the word either. At first, I thought the word was "old."

Sometimes, feeling "old" isn't a bad thing or a good thing. It's simply an acknowledgement that life goes on, the world keeps circling the sun, and every time our children enter a new stage in their life, so do we.

"Old" doesn't have to be laden with emotions, either, but sometimes we find it a convenient place to hang emotions. If "bittersweet" is an emotion, that might be the word you're looking for.

Personally, I'm looking for the word to describe the way one feels when one's last-born in the wilderness is singing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers songs while showering -- and sounding pretty good while doing it.

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