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Tuesday, June 02, 2009



We call this Monday at my house. Seriously, put down the lucky charms and back quickly away from the self loathing. Take deep even breaths, remind yourself you are loved. Women aren't defined by how clean they keep their houses. You are your wonderful self, no apologies necessary.

Jana D

Sending you the BIGGEST cyber hug. You are SO not weird. Normal. Not weird. Unless we are both weird.


I am sorry you are having a day. If I could, I'd solve all your problems for you. But I don't think it's supposed to be that way.

Kind of cheesy, but there's always that quote: I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it. And add to that: Be still, and know that I am god. (Not me, but God is, and he wants you to have a better day too.)


Blame the progesterone on EVERYTHING. The weight, the tears, the self-loathing emotional overload....

AHHHHH!!!! When my dr. tells me I need extra progesterone I might just run the other way....

p.s. I'm sorry. I love ya.


I'm sorry!

But Lucky Charms are good!


I am sorry to hear you are having one of those not so fun days. I think as women, we totally OVERLOAD ourselves and our expectations for ourselves. Many of your concerns are things I struggle with too, and I am not even on progestrine. I hope your week brings better days for you. You are an amazing women and mother. Try not to let your innerself beat you up like that.




I don't normally comment on blogs, but something is making me this time. I totally have those kinds of days also, although my daughter is only 2 and hasn't started shutting me out yet. She does however LOVE to be with her Daddy when he gets home from work and I could just as well be invisible... Anyway, I hope the rest of your day went well. And thanks for your blog - it is a good reminder that I'm normal, and that we all have the same issues in life even if I try to hide them.


Sorry to hear your day has been so rough. Don't think your weird at all and really appreciate that there is someone else out there that knows what "big clothes" are and has a messy house !!! When I run now, I often think of you and what you've written about running.... totally motivates me and helps me continue to push forward. And although I really wish that I couldn't relate about the kid thing - I do - last night my ten year old informed me that he no longer needs me to tuck him - that was like a punch in the gut! So you are not alone - hope tomorrow is better and thanks for sharing.... it helps me know that maybe I'm not alone when I have my "off" days.


I don't mean to sound trite, but maybe a little time will likely help your perspective. I had similarly overwhelming feelings a couple of weeks ago. Kind of felt like my whole world was coming in on me. I wanted to run away or crawl in a hole or find some way of escape, and I could tell my perspective was skewed or exaggerated somehow. That didn't help me come out of it or make any sense of it...but time did. I hope this little blip is a short one for you.


That was totally my day yesterday too.

My husband and I went to the gym, and I sobbed all the way there until we finally just turned around and came home. It was a lovely time.

Chris Selander

It must be in the air as my last few days have been the same >>>


Seriously, Lucky Charms are a GOOD THING. Eat them, feel better, and prosper!


I feel that way often.
Every month for about five days, to be exact. ;)

At least you aren't eating a big old bowl of Hagen Daaz like I usually do. Lucky Charms are way lower in chub.

Give yourself THAT.


I wanted to write "I can so relate. I'm loathing the big clothes and the messy house and I have a back ache today (on one of the few days I get to clean without distractions from my little guys)."

However, now I have to take a moment to jot down your first commenter's words. I may just have to frame them and put them on my wall! She said it perfectly and I need to hear it way too often.


I love you!


I know these days! Then I go to work, and face 125 middle school students during the day who are pretty good at reaffirming everything negative I think about myself.... Fortunately there are also a few who smile at you, or tell you that they enjoy cooking or sewing at home, and the world doesn't seem quite so ugly.

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