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Monday, June 01, 2009



I know the kind of feeling that you are describing. I think it can only come when you are away from your element, in the mountains or otherwise separate from your day to day worries. And I think it is closely related to peace. It is similar to those few moments in a run when you feel like you do in your dreams: weightless.


You know it when you meet them - those 'centred' people; the ones who have a calm core no matter what's happening around them. In my experience, of the two I know well enough to ask, they have been those who meditate. One is a carmelite nun, the other a buddhist. The experience Rousseau writes about - and your cornfield memories - are forms of meditation, I think. Where time doesn't matter.
It's a while since I can say I was 'happy' like this - but it's something too good not to want to experience again. Thanks for this post and the inspiration to spend some time 'centred' each day.

I do think there are other 'happinesses' - especially when we are conscious, awake, aware, intentional. I like this quote from Aristotle: Happiness is a state of activity. I take this to mean that we have to actively work at happiness - it's not a passive state.

So here's to being awake, but meditative!


I think it was Krishnamurti who said, "When you ask yourself if you're happy, that's when you stop being so." For much of my life I thought happiness was the ultimate to seek. But I found out that truth comes ahead of that. I love your writing about it and causing us to ponder. Thanks.

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