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Thursday, August 27, 2009



These pics are gorgeous--absolutely gorgeous!

I have never hiked Timp, and it is definitely on my List!



Ahhhhhh! I want to go hiking!


Gosh! I want to hike timp so bad again. I have that same toilet picture but with Mic holding newspaper and sitting on a rock. It's funny. I love the Timp hike and it's been a few years since I hiked it. When did you hike it? That's great that Kendell got to hike it. We ran into a a family of moose going down and they were so close to us. It's scary but so cool! Love your flower pictures. I pressed some after our hike and they turned out pretty good. If you go again take my little hand press and you can press them right there. We should go hiking with out kids sometime. Glad you had a great hike.


You are so lucky to live in area with hiking opportunities - I live in the Houston, TX area. No real mountain hiking areas unless I want to drive 8 plus hours to get there. Enjoyed reading about the hike and the pixs are wonderful.


It looks like you had a perfect day for Timp! I love that hike and these pictures have made me want to go this year. Will have to see if we can fit it in...

So glad your hike was great!!! Timp is my absolute favorite hike in the world.


This is wonderful - I want to come visit Utah and do this hike!
You would love the Tongariro Crossing here in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand - known as 'the best one day walk in the world' by some (you'd need to come do it, and then compare it to Timp!).


I love how you write! Thank you for sharing your hiking experience . .. I wish I could come hike along with you! I enjoyed the pictures and your thoughts! For now, I am looking forward to doing a part of the Appalachian trial later this month - - I'm hoping for some fall colors in the higher sections. Thank you for sharing!


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