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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Nick Sorensen

Amy, I enjoy your thoughtful approach to life. And I found this particular post fascinating. It made me think about particular threads in my own church and spiritual life (not the same) that keep manifesting in ways I don't entirely expect, although I should know what to expect by now. What I would like to know is: What's the link between growing up not entirely Mormon and what you are now, which I take to be Mormon but with lingering feelings of being an outsider? What brought about the switch from rebellious fringe-dweller to the person you are now? Something in your early 20s, I'm guessing?


Great post Amy! (Thanks for linking back to it. I would have hated to have missed it.)

I love what you had to say and I love Becky's response. She's right, nature is the first temples. I know I can totally feel the spirit when I'm on a hike or camping. It's God that made our world and made it as beautiful and wonderful as it is.

And whether or not any of us admit it, the majority of us aren't truly converted until we're much older. Even though I grew up going to church every Sunday, at home we weren't the typical Mormons. I can only remember a few FHE, I never fasted growins up, and we only watched conference if we had relatives in town.

Now, as an adult, I fast because I understand it better. I watch conference because I love what I learn, I read my scriptures everyday because I want to learn, and we have Family Home Evenings every Monday because I want to be with my family (and eat ice cream).

My name's (not really) Isabel. I'm 35. I've only recently converted to Mormonism. Nice to meet you.

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