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Random Thoughts While Mowing the Lawn

  • Our new governor in Utah might be the biggest moron imaginable. A quote from this morning’s paper about the conference on the environment he’s planning: "Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says he will host the first "legitimate" debate about whether humans contribute to global warming later this year." Who needs scientists to hold legitimate discussions on global warming when we’ve got Utah’s govenor coming to the rescue? Good to know someone can make it legitimate. The thing that makes me crazy about this is the continuing "debate." Maybe next we could "debate" whether the world is still round.
  • Think my neighbors can hear me grumbling to myself about politics and the environment over the roar if the lawnmower?
  • Is it a contradiction to be worrying about the environment while I mow my lawn with a gas-powered mower?
  • Even more important: can the neighbors hear me singing over the roar of the mower? (I was listening to old U2 on my MP3 player and cannot resist crooning along, even though my singing "voice" is more of a dog howl. I listened to "In God’s Country" three times in a row.)
  • I am a really slow lawn mower
  • Wish that blister I got from hiking Rock Canyon didn’t hurt because I don’t dare to go running until it goes away.
  • Will I be ready for my next half marathon?
  • Must remember to rotate the laundry as soon as I finish the lawn.

Better get off the blog and get that done!



You crack me up. He really said "legitimate?" Good grief!


From some of the recent interviews I've seen with Gov. Herbert, I'm very nervous about him being in office.

jamie `

I will preface this by saying I am not very political. I hate it because It's hard to know who to believe or if there is indeed anyone to believe so I tend to avoid it altogether because it's so frustrating but I did go to the link on the article and actually read the whole thing. I think the first sentence of the article is intended to make him look stupid and takes his actual quote a little out of context In reading the article I think he's taking the point of view that being environmentally responsible is important, clean air, clean water, etc. and he wants that. He just doesn't want to be bullied by the political machine that IS global warming. I don't buy everything that is being touted about global warming. I do think some human beings are horribly negligent about our environment and need to improve but some of the global warming info is fear-mongering and twisted to put the spin that will benefit the people pushing it. I think Gov. Herbert is saying he wants a legitimate debate meaning both sides can express themselves without being bullied. Having said this I know very little about Gov. Herbert, he may be a complete moron. I just didn't get that from this article. I guess I'll have to pay more attention to see.....


Yes, your neighbors can hear you sing over the roar of the mower. The mower is only roaring in your ears. Trust me my son sings all the time while mowing and I can hear him from afar. But don't worry, I'm sure
you sounded great.

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