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Wednesday, September 02, 2009



I think that with Ben all the time. Especially when he lets me hold him, and I realize how small he still is. I mean, not small, small, but still fit-in-the-rocking-chair small. It makes me sad, too.


I like this, Amy (but then, when don't I like what you write?). I get it. I try to allow myself at least a little bit of grief, more or less, depending on what it is. But the cherishing is so wonderful, isn't it?

jamie `

It is so hard. so hard. But I am reminded of something that happened to me once at church. I was in the mother's room with my baby talking to another woman and I held my baby tight and said something like "Oh, I wish he wouldn't grow up" and she looked sorrowfully at me and said "Don't wish that, never wish that." She had an adult daughter with Down's syndrome who would never grow up. I didn't have anything to say to that so I just smiled my understanding at what she was trying to say.

I have thought about that many times in my wistfulness at leaving their babyness behind and so while I am sad, I am also so grateful for their health and that they get to have their own experiences and I get to watch them become wonderful people but...............

Karen B.

That is wonderful advice to us all! What a tender mom you are! Miss ya.


I find myself up in the middle of the night with Breanna again but I find that I am not upset or totally exhausted to the point that I am just counting the seconds 'till I can lay her back in her crib and go back to sleep myself. Instead I find that I love to hold her and watch her and rub her cheak. I am greatful that I get to be there in that moment to love and care for her.

It makes me sad to think that she is my last child that I will be up with, rocking back to sleep, cuddling with and comforting. I am trying to cherish every second I can and am trying to slow down and not ask for her to grow up so fast.

Don't get me wrong... I am DONE having children but it is still kind of sad that this is the end of that part of my life.

I totally understand how you feel, Amy!

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