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Tuesday, September 08, 2009



I've got to start quilting one of these days.


I'm in love with that quilt, Amy. Beautiful.

I am going to have to copy your binding instructions...

Diana C

LOL - I have several of those exact charm packs - you did a wonderful job with them! :)

chris jenkins

beautiful amy!


I think I say this every time you post a quilt - you have a gift! I love the choices of fabrics that you've used. I think I need to work on a quilting project...


That is BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to quilt someday.


That is beautiful!

When my sisters and I made the quilt that's on our bed now, we did it over at the church. When it was time to put the sandwich together, we taped it to the floor in the gym. It was pretty late at night by that point and we were all getting punchy--I remember we were watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on one of the TVs from the library while pinning layers, and just cracking up at everything.


Love, love the fall quilt. You are such a good quilter! I seriously wanted to steal this quilt when I was at your house last Friday.


I love your quilts, and I cherish the one you so kindly sent me. Now, can I have instructions for the rag quilts? Are they hard? I've quilted by hand with my mother, grandmothers, aunties, etc. But no one around here I know in NH quilts. It makes the ones I have in my home more special because it is truly a lost art.

Thank you.



Hi Valerie! I am always happy to see your name pop up on my blog!

I'm actually teaching a class on Saturday at church about making rag quilts, and I'm working on a new how-to handout. Can I send that to you in a few days once I'm finished with it?

But, the easy answer: no, they are NOT hard! The great & fast thing about rag quilts is that you don't have to quilt them. You just put them together as you go. Plus, I LOVE working with flannel!

I'll send you the handout as soon as I am finished with it! Hope things are good in NH...are the leaves starting to change yet, or does that happen later in the fall for you? Here, there are just a few trees on the mountains that have changed. A few more weeks and the mountains will be on fire. Love that! (Well, metaphorically speaking, of course...don't love REAL fire, but the fall fire!)



Beautiful quilt, Amy. I especially love that centre applique piece. Next time Kendal complains about the cost of fabric, tell him that in New Zealand the same fabric would cost $25-30 per metre, and he should be thankful!


Wow! I am not a sewer (ha! ha! I really just typed that didn't I? oh my!) I DON'T SEW. I am in awe that you whipped that together in just four hours. Beautiful!

Kayci Bitton

Beautiful! You know if you want, I could just pay for the fabric and have you put something like that together for me. I can't wait to have some time to get started on the projects that I have for the winter. So, do you think you would like to work out some sort of system where you sew and I pay? (Then Kendell can't complain) ;)

Chris Selander

You are amazing. Some day will you teach me how to work my sewing machine? lol - I've had it for years and maybe used it two or three times. My hubby would be thrilled to hear the sound of the sewing machine since he spent the money on it. The quilt you made me is one of my treasured items.

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