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Thursday, September 24, 2009



Wow Amy! I am having a hard time imaging you being like you say you were in high school! I only "know" you from your blog and the online writing class I took with you a while back but it does seem like you have really changed, or at least gotten to know yourself better so that you can maybe understand some of your choices then. I don't think I am that different on the outside to others, but I really am on the inside and that is harder for people to "see"!


I agree with Denise - we are all really different on the inside. You expressed your difference with dress and behavior but that 4.0 GPA student/band geek/ Student Body President had the very same struggle to figure out who they were and what mattered because it is the human experience. I truly believe that some manage to explore and experience within the allowed parameters of "normal" while others, like your high school self, are separated because it doesn't feel "normal." But it is! It is normal to think and wonder and challenge. Normal, normal, normal! And you are still that girl. You are her in words and self, you just aren't platinum blond anymore and probably have less black clothing.

Go if you are curious. Don't go if you don't care. You are such a wildly fantastic person, though, Amy. Never think clothes, money, house size or clean bathrooms define who you are. You are Amy, writer and thinker extraordinaire...as I'm sure you always have been.


I skipped my reunion this year. Couldn't think of any reason to go. (Besides the fact that it was in Ohio and I don't think our trip there coincided with the reunion. But I didn't even bother to find out.)


Wow, Amy! I love the toilet cleaning part of this. And yes, what they all said above me.

I wonder if people who pay to have somebody come in to clean their toilets are missing out on some really good, deep thoughts. :)


I love Wendy's comment - bathroom cleaning is generating some deep thought here! (For me it's cutting the grass in our orchard on the ride-on, a monotonous and seemingly-endless task that is perfect for teasing the ends out of things).
Although school and post-school 'events' in NZ are probably a bit different to how they are in the US, I'll share my experience for what it's worth. I haven't been to any of my high school reunions and doubt I'll ever go. I am not the person now that I was then and I don't care to explain to anyone who hasn't known me right through how I got from there to here. Those I DO reunite with are those few who were friends then, and who are still treasured friends today - and we get together on our own terms, when we want to, and let the high school groupies alone.


I have to say how much I love reading your blog. You write with such amazing honesty. I really admire that. It is so interesting to read about you in HS since I knew you only in Elementary School. When I found your blog I thought she is still the same girl I always knew...super smart, amazing writer, voracious reader...the Amy Allman of my memory. But you have had quite a journey...I can relate in many ways. Go to your reunion...if you feel so inclined...you have turned out to be a fantastically intelligent and interesting woman. Your classmates will be lucky to get to know the woman you are now...and have always been...maybe just buried under some goth clothes and teen angst.

BTW your comment of "When did a scrubbed bathtub and the absence of that goo that gathers at the bottom of the toothbrush cup make me feel like I had accomplished something?" had me laughing out loud because it hits so close to home with me too.

I'm so glad I found you after all these years. I think most of us feel the same thing when we see people who knew us from long ago that they are saying: "wow, she was a freak, but she turned out normal." I know I do!! :)


You may be surprised to find out that maybe people didn't view you as a "freak" because they were too wrapped up in their own "fitting in" angst. :)

I would go. It's not going to come around again for another, what? Ten years?

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