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Sunday Funny

Kaleb's been playing with Haley's box of Petshops quite a bit lately. He has a tableaux of sorts, Petshops set carefully around Flo's Diner (from the Cars movie). These, he told me, are the Hero Petshops. I asked him what the hero's powers were, and he explained some of them. The zebra can fly, and the crab can clip things with his claws, and the horse is a super smeller.

I picked up a pink bunny with a yellow rainhat on, who was at the very top of the display. "What's the bunny?" I asked, adjusting the hat.

"Oh, the bunny is very important," he said, in a very solemn voice. "That's Jesus Christ, and He is the Savior of our world."



Oh wow!! Sometimes you think are our kids every learning anything we teach them in the Gospel and then they say something like that. It makes you feel so happy and so blessed. Great post!


Precious! Obviously is learning from good examples! ;)


LOL! Very important.

Kayci Bitton

How funny! What a smart kid. He knows his stuff;)


Well, at least he prepared a way for the Heros to return to Heaven.

Chris Selander

Oh that made me laugh so hard that tears are running down my face. When I'm doing something that he doesn't like, he tells me "the bishop said no"

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