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Friday, December 04, 2009



What a lovely post, but a sad time.


I've had many cats in my day too - loved them so much, lost many and had to put down my favorite ~ which was heartbreaking.

Have moved from cats to dogs - we have 3, dh says that is to many, but I love them and he tolerates them, because that is the kind of guy he is! At one time we only had one.... he came down with valleyfever (doing well now) and the thought of losing him ~ the warm, soul that has been the constant playmate, protector and friend to each of my children for as long as they can remember made me so sad. I think that is why we ended up with two more, so that maybe when he goes our house (although, much emptier without him) won't be totally void of the loving companionship of a pup!

Sounds like Emily had a great life!

I, too, believe they have souls!


Your Emily (my daughter's name, by the way) looks just like our Ashes -- a wonderful, loving, patient, tolerant cat. Here's a picture of him, with my Emily: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bennettanneb/2593868302/

I am so sorry. I had to put my cat Mystic down five years ago this month, and it was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I bawled for days and it chokes me up even now. I'm sorry for your pain, that you feel like a cat murderer. I know exactly what you mean. Emily had a good life, and received so much love... she'll be waiting for you, one of your forever cats.


Aww! Emily is a beautiful cat. We have a cat, and I worry about "his time." I hope that when it's time to go, that we can put him to sleep so I don't have to worry about recovering his body. Is that selfish? I just don't want to come home and realize he's missing and then have to find him. Oy!

Anyway, this was a beautiful tribute to your family pet.I haven't lost a pet for a REALLY long time, but I remember when I was a teenager, and my dog was hit by a car. It really is losing a member of the family.


Oh, I'm sorry. I dread the day when we will put Siana down. Emily was a sweet cat; I'm glad I saw her a few weeks ago when I dropped off a book. I will miss her, and I know your family will too. Sniff.

I totally cried at your litany of dead cats. They never really leave you. And I still laugh when I think of Grandma Elsie who always called Hooter "Hooker." She loved that cat, even if she couldn't remember his name. And sweet Noel and Chris. Ah. It will be a good reunion. Although, it does bring up the question of pet ownership in heaven. How will we know who will get to keep which cat/dog? Something to ponder, I guess.


Made me cry . . .isn't it amazing how these little (or big) pets can fill our hearts? they are members of our family that we so often take for granted - until they leave us.

Thank you for sharing!


I loved your post -- what a lovely tribute. It's so hard to let go of someone we love and who is Family, whether they are furry or skin-coated. But you did the right thing. Today is the 1-year anniversary of our own Brizzy's passing, so reading your post was bittersweet for me. Taking him to the vet's to Let Him Go was one of the hardest things I have EVER done in my life. But it was still the right thing to do. You've faced a lot in the past few months. You are so resilient -- you inspire me. Oh, and they DEFINITELY have souls, I say.


Oh this made me cry. I'm sorry, Amy! Lovely poem and beautiful pictures. Hugs to you!


I am in tears as I write this, as we said goodbye to our old labrador cross, Ellie, on Friday. For much the same reasons as you said goodbye to Emily. Ellie had bad arthritis and when she stopped being her usual happy self, I knew the medication wasn't working any more and it was time.

Thanks so much for sharing that poem. When my eyes are dry I will print it out and put it in my journal.

Chris Selander

What a touching post. It made me cry. Emily was a great cat. Reading it brought back a lot of memories of Noel and Chris. I have great picture of Noel as a tiny kitten in your green blanket in my scrapbook. Emily is in a better place and is looking forward to being reunited with you and your family >



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