Ever Feel Like
Not Why But How

I Have to Share:

(but before I do, I will also say that yes, you are right...my blog HAS been pretty lame lately. Sparse. Not very thoughtful or wise or smart. It'll get better soon.)

I had Kendell take some stuff to DI this morning. Deseret Industries is the name of the common second-hand stores in Utah, and we shorten it: "Take this basket of too-small clothes to the DI this morning!"

When Kendell told Nathan they were stopping at DI on the way to Grandma's house, Nathan said, "Oh, DI. I know what that stands for. Donation Emporium."


I will now henceforth and forevermore call it that. Even though I guess we need to work more on that spelling thing? ;)



My sister-in-law recently posted on Facebook:

We were talking with Lizbeth [she's two] about the new baby sister that's coming this summer, and I asked her, "do you know where Baby Sister is right now?" Lizbeth thought for a moment and answered, "At the DI?"


(smile) I love kids!

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