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It's Always Warm There

It's snowing here. Snowing since yesterday. At least ten inches so far, although I've not yet managed to get outside to measure. Yesterday morning, it was 55 degrees and Kaleb & I spent a half hour before preschool swinging. Now there's another limb broken on our flowering plum and Kendell's grumping around about how much he hates snow and can't we move to Arizona? ( Not unless they have really good psychiatric hospitals in Arizona. Perpetual summer would drive me insane.)

When he slammed the door in anti-snow frustration, Kaleb looked up. "Mom!" he said, his eyes lighting up with energy. "I know what let's do. Let's go to Aunt Suzette's house. She has a swimming pool. And it's always warm there."

Can I get a collective "aaaawwwwwwwwww, cute?" ;)



Didn't you just post about gardening yesterday? That always happens to me hear in Boston, I think it is safe to remove the leaves from the sprouting bulbs and we get one last frost or snowfall. I love the seasons too, but would like a touch less winter.

Chris Selander

Ahhhh - love that Kaleb :)
I wish having a pool meant it was always warm!

Jeff Bitton

This is Jeff... I typically don't sit down and read blogs but read one of your posts and found it tough to quit. As I read several of your posts tonight you have a real ability to make people pause for a few moments and ponder everything that we typically pass up or take for granted in life. Not only do you have a real talent and knack for writing, your talents could be a huge blessing in peoples lives and help them to more fully appreciate and love life.

I am jumping on the bandwagon suggesting that you write a book(s). You've got too much talent to only let the occasional blogger see it. Anyway, good work!

Suzette Kimball

Awwwwww... Aunt Suzette loves this!

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