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Monday, March 29, 2010


Constant Focus_Shriek

I like your website because it gives all the important information that I need to know. I really love reading this kind of information. Keep up posting. There's a lot of people that will benefit from it. Are there any other sites who post like this?


Amy~ Your words are beautiful and perfect. I can relate. Thank you for sharing.


I used to love to look at the reflection of the reflection of myself in mom's mirror. You know, the one that shows what you really look like to others, not the one that you see yourself. Or when I see my cat's in the mirror, because their spots of black are on the wrong side. So much relies on perspective, but how do we know which one to trust? Which one is the real one?

I think that the answer you received is the one you can trust. Keep asking, keep pondering, but I think you are on the right track by questioning if you are asking the right questions.


I love listening to President Uchtdorf. I didn't see the broadcast, but I'll have to go watch his talk online.




I needed to read this today. It often seems like my life is all trials and no peace. I also wonder, where is a break to gather myself and my family, to feel love, quiet, peace, harmony. As I write this, it is raining again, three days in a row, week after week. My yard is flooded, my septic system failing, ailing parents, aging parents, the never ended call of "Mom, I need you.!"

I try to practice, it is how you react to your trials that design your peace. But, it is hard when it feels like there is no end in sight.

Every evening after we're all asleep, I peek into my children's rooms, snuggle them, kiss them (even the 14 yr old hs boy) and go to sleep believing that the answer may just be in front of me. My family and the strength we find with each other, laughter and the ducks in the yard's pond, fresh cookies in the oven, and the time I get to pick up my hs son after he has had a 14 hour day and he tells me thanks for coming out at night to pick him up.

Email me sometime, I loved talking with you before and we all can band together to figure this thing called life out.

Good day and good thoughts,


Amy, you may be on to something. I don't know the answer, but I do know how we react to life's challenges can make a huge difference in our feelings. It can make the difference between feeling victimized and feeling like you are in control. Yesterday, a young man at work told me he believes everything happens for a reason (even the bad stuff), and his job is to react or handle the issue the way he needs to so he becomes closer to God. Really got me thinking about my reactions and my "how." Your post was the exclamation mark to his statement. I hope you keep writing about the important stuff, the real stuff, the difficult stuff because you are not alone. Hearing your voice strengthens us, and it is, in its own way, a ministry. I just hope we can, some way through our comments, give something back to you.


I think there are far too many of us out here who say "ditto." I look at those who sail through trials (and I mean really difficult ones like giving birth to a stillborn and then battling multiple physical challenges with the child that finally made it whole and alive out of the birth process, etc) with a positive outlook and gratitude for the process, and I marvel. I tend to wallow in the trials, desperately seeking what the intended outcome was supposed to be. Where am I supposed to be after all this? At this point, all I can say is that I'm a more compassionate, less-quick-to-judge person as a result.

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