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Origin of "Backup Dude"

This morning, while I was waiting for the girl we carpool with to get in the van, I called Kendell to ever-so-gently chide him for not taking the garbage can out to the curb. (This is part of an ongoing dialog/ running joke we have: I make a pointed remark that belies my generally-feminist leanings and then he replies with proper 50's-era decorum. Usually.)

"Dude," I said (because "dude" must also be worked into the conversation), "you do realize that you failed me this morning, don't you?"

"How's that?"

"You didn't take the garbage can to the curb. It's Tuesday, remember? Garbage day? I can't be bothered to take the can to the curb. I might chip my nail polish, and it's awfully heavy. Plus, it smells funny. YOU ARE THE MAN! You're the dude. The dude should take the garbage can to the curb."

I then proceeded to tell him that yes, I had remembered to gather up all the garbages before I left (shouldn't that be his job?), yes, even the one in the laundry room (don't only wives from the 50's worry about such laundry-related items?), and that I had Jake take the garbage to the curb (mostly because I was trying, as always, not to be late).

"Oh, that's good. Jake's a boy—he can be a dude, too. In fact, he's the backup dude."

Just wanted to write that down, so I can always remember the origin of "backup dude." Because it has now joined his arsenal of nick names!



I need a backup dude! Scotty always forgets garbage day.


Thomas is the backup dude; one more thing he and Jake can have in common! I'm all about letting them do that kind of stuff. Builds character. :)


Awesome post. Dh is good on Tuesdays, but I remind him almost daily to get the kitchen trash out. Funny, he agreed early in our marriage to do the kitchen trash, but said he'd need reminders. After several months of reminders, he said he felt nagged. I reminded him of our original agreement, which he had totally forgotten!! Now, every so often between reminders, I remind him that he asked me to remind him, just to be safe. I don't think it takes me out of the nag category, but at least I cover my bases.

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