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Tuesday, March 09, 2010



I watched you at that age, and I didn't see your cracks. You might have felt them, but they weren't seen. I am a lot like you; I wear my scraggly ponytail and walk across the street in my sweaty running clothes to talk to friends. And I don't really worry about it. But it's hard sometimes in the face of really put together people to be ok with not being similarly put together. And it's strange we both do this, considering our mom was always put together. I guess we all react in different ways to life.

Lovely post!


you should check out www.thefreshreflection.com.

your daughter is beautiful!


That's such a beautiful post - I have a preteen daughter and I need to start thinking about her quivers... thank-you!!!


You just made me want to drop everything I am doing to go climb into bed with my little 7 year old daughter, just to savor the sweetness of this age just a little bit more - I need every drop I can get!

Thanks Amy!


Oh where to start. I love this post! But it makes me sad. I am not to that place that you are. I still feel like an ugly duckling. I feel like I will never be comfortable in my own skin.

I was at the grocery store a while back. I was well let me put it this way, a mess, sweats, t-shirt, messy pony tail, no make-up, ugly shoes. You know, kind of how I am most days but this day was bad. I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen for a while. She was dressed prefectly right down to her designer jeans and high heels, perfectly done up. I felt horrible. I wanted to hide (I almost did). She probably didn't think a thing of it but in my own head I was berating myself for not atleast trying to look presentable. And now months and months later I still can't get that day out of my head.

When will I grow out of that. When will I finally be enough and be happy with what I see in the mirror. I hope that I get there soon. I need to be ready for when Breanna goes through all this. I really appreciate this post. It gives me hope. And it reminds me to.


Lovely. I especially like the part about wanting to see HER. I know what you mean. And my belly trembles now for different reasons. The "Never Wear Spandex Again" reasons.

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