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Somebody Stop Me: I Really Want a Cookie

Even though it's not a Mormon thing to do, I decided to observe Lent this year. Since Kendell is always teasing me about my sugar monkey, I chose "cookies, candies, cakes and snacks" (his catchphrase) to sacrifice. I'm not sure if sugar addiction is a girl thing—Kendell absolutely does not get it, hence the teasing and the catchphrase—but mine has become a problem.

In the past 15 days or so, I have had a little sugar-addiction epiphany. Every time I finish a meal, even though I am not hungry, I start sniffing around for sugar. I neeeeeeeed something sweet. (The more fattening the meal, oddly enough, the stronger the sugar craving is.) It is a cellular-deep yearning. By denying myself, I have realized how often I don't deny myself—how often I indulge in sugar. Recognizing that has made it easier to resist the temptation because I have also learned that, eventually, the yearning passes.

Also I have eaten a lot of carrots.

Maybe it's because today was Fast Sunday, or because I have been staying up late a lot and am out of energy, but right now I really, really, really want a cookie. A hot chocolate chip cookie, specifically. And not just a cookie. Five maybe. Or six. I've planned for nights like this by purposefully not buying any type of cookies, candies, cakes or snacks. Nothing is baked and waiting for me to eat it. But there are brownie mixes in the storage room. Ice cream in the freezer. An enormous bag of chocolate chips in the pantry.

You know you are desperate when you're drooling over chocolate chips.

Instead of indulging, I'm blogging. I'm processing photos. I'm reading. (Reading is not the same without a snack.) I'm thinking about eating some left over guacamole. (If I replace the sugar with other food, I'm not really sacrificing anything.)

This is hard.

And you can ask me tomorrow if I made cookies or not...hopefully the answer will be no!


Julie Lopp

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!!! I have a cookie here if you want it. Yes we made oreo cookies and there is 2 left. You know you have a crazy bad craving when all you can find in the house is a few stray chocolate chips in the freezer door mixed in with spilled baking soda. I just brushed them off and ate them. I'm so crazy! But it was good and the only thing chocolate in the house. I too have to have something with sugar after every meal. I hate it! My cravings are taking over my life and leaving me with a ton of FAT rolls. I need to exercise then I can eat what I want and I know if I eat too much I have to exercise more, but I can't find that desire. I think about it at night but by the time the morning rolls around it's gone. What do I do?


I have the exact same "sugary" habit. My body thinks, "Hey! I just ate a meal. Where's my reward?" It's horrible. I've been trying to eat fruit instead of treats when I'm craving something sweet, but it doesn't really fill the hole in my soul.

I get really "snacky" when I play board games. I can't play a game without a bowl of M&Ms or a candy bar or a cookie. I start to twitch.


My sil went off treats for Lent, too! I never pay attention to when it starts. I'm excited for you, Amy! You'll feel so good at the end. I've been craving a bit of sweets lately, too . . . it comes and goes in waves for me. I have been mediocre at restraining . . . allowing dessert at the in-laws', buying a single chocolate bar, for example.

Carrots are a good thing! I've heard oranges with their high vitamin c content is a better substitution.


How about fruit? Is that sweet enough?


Oh man, can I sympathize. I have an overwhelming sugar addiction. I will give it up for weeks at a time, only to be sucked back in. It makes me glad I've never tried heroin. I'm pretty sure I'd be living in an alley somewhere if I had...
Gretchen inherited my Sugar Habit. The first thing she asks for in the morning is candy!!!
(Thanks for the tip about sunscreen, BTW. I'm keeping her scar totally covered with a band aid for a while. I'm so paranoid she's going to go headfirst into a random wall & bust it open again! AhhhHHHhhh!)


I also have a wicked sweet tooth, but I've learned through fasting that if you wait out your craving, it'll often go away.

As my cousin says, "laziness often will thwart cravings" :)


Mm, cookies. I am proud of you for giving it up for lent! I loved doing lent last year; even though most mormon's don't practice it, I really think it makes Easter just a little more meaningful.

(This I say as I eat a giant piece of cheesecake left over from lunch today. How hypocritical of me!!) :)


Yeah, like everyone else I can sooo relate, Amy. You are much MUCH stronger than I. This is why I find myself sitting in the 'obese' category on all the charts ... still ...


I have a friend on Facebook who writes hilarious status lines. The other day he wrote, "I gave up breathing for Lent. It has been really hard." Ha!

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