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I'm Not Sure Who's Kid He Is

So, the running joke in our family is how Kaleb is Kendell's mini-me. They have such similar temperaments, habits, and oddities. They eat the same (scarf! and it's gone!), they sleep the same (two very hot sleeping engines, which is a problem when I get stuck between them!), they snore the same (two rumbling lawn mowers). Even Kaleb's body structure is like Kendell's, only in size extra, extra small.

Sometimes it feels like the only thing I contributed to Kaleb's DNA is my eye color. Even though I can confess it sometimes comes in handy, having a mini-Kendell around, if only to hold him up as a mirror (meaning: when Kendell is particularly annoyed at something Kaleb is doing, I am wont to say "you know how you feel right now? That's how *I* feel when you do the exact same thing), I do sometimes wish he had a little bit of me in him.

Tonight disproved my Kendell-only DNA theory.

Kaleb had been sleeping for a couple of hours when I discovered him sleepwalking. Sleepwalking and talking a little bit. Sleepwalking, and talking a little bit, and trying to find the bathroom. Obviously trying to find the bathroom as his jammies were by his ankles.

OK, so, not really sleepwalking. More like sleep peepeedancing.

And while I have never been known for walking around nakey, even in a sleep walking jaunt, I have been known to sleepwalk in my day. And talk incoherently in my sleep. Over my giggles, as I helped him find the bathroom, I realized: maybe I did contribute more to my youngest's existence than brown eyes and my uterus for nine months.

It's good to be reminded he's my son, too.


jamie `

you made me laugh. When carly was little, ALL I heard was how she looked just like Mark. She being my first child, naturally I wanted a little recognition. As she's grown I see a bit of me in there now and again and as you discovered, it's reassuring.

Loved the "sleep peepeedancing" brought back so many memories of my youngest brother who would fall asleep anywhere but his bed: pile of rocks, front step, couch, etc. Getting him to bed was always an adventure in incoherency, sleepwalking and sleeptalking and giggling for me... except that time he peed on the bathroom wall instead of the toilet and guess who got to clean it up!


Oh dear! Sleepwalking is scary enough when there is NO bathrooming going on.


Yay! He's part us. I'm glad we can all have that in common. Ben has our sleeping habits, too. I once told him to go to the bathroom before he climbed in my bed. I kept waiting for him to turn on the light or make some bathroom noises or something. After a while, I went in and found him in his room. His pants and undies were in a strange arrangement on his legs. I fixed them, and then told him to go to the bathroom. He kept insisting that he already had. I started laughing because I realized he was mostly asleep. Then he hit me because I was laughing at him. He then realized he really hadn't gone to the bathroom after all.

Aren't we lucky to have such a unique family trait? :)


That is so funny. Burton did this last month. Only he thought the couch was the toilet. Luckly we caught him quick enough! We talked to him in the morning and he had no memory of it and thought we were playing a trick on him. The older he gets the worst the sleep walking gets. Any tips?


Too funny! I, too, sleeptalk (but don't sleepwalk). My boys all sleep talk, too.

Last night, I was finally brushing my teeth and heading to bed, when I heard my littlest guy. I came out of the bathroom to see my husband crouching over Sean perplexed. Sean had his pants down around his ankles. I asked if he needed to pee-pee. He groggily said, "I already did."

It was only when hubby entered the bathroom himself that we realized Sean had stood at the door of the bathroom and peed onto the floor. For the rest of the night, I dreamed of blog posts about how half-way there is sometimes just not enough!

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