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Monday, April 19, 2010



We all need motivators. I have run for the past 5 years with absolutely no goal in mind and I told myself I was doing fine. Keep in mind that I still run a 10 minute mile. Who cares about a 10 minute mile? It's always been good enough. But now that I have 2 races in my very near future, I can sustain running at a 8:34 for a few minutes. I have never been able to do that.

My point is: running for running's sake only gets you so far. A goal at the end gets you a lot farther. So leave the guilt at home and go run and get ready for the next meet. Because without that drive, you really are just running in circles. :)


I hate to add to your guilt, and yes, I know I am being selfish, but I NEED an excersize partner. I need someone who will go with me. I can not stress to you how much I would love, Love, LOVE to go to the Rec. with you. I will even wake up at the butt crack of dawn to go with you.

I want so badly to loose weight and to be fit enought to run even a 5K! Please, PLEASE help me train! I am not motivated be myself.

Oh and yeah I get the whole inner voice thing. I think I make myself feel guilty more then anyone else ever could. In fact I feel extreemly guilty for even writing this on here... but I guess my own selfishness is winning out!

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Seeing the blog should leave some comments, I think that is a polite to blog host, and thank you for sharing!


I'm just wondering (and I may be wrong) if perhaps your husband is a tad bit jealous of your running. There are loads of people who require a larger goal to keep them motivated to take the small steps. But sometimes watching someone else take small steps moving toward a larger goal can make a partner feel envious of your progress or guilty for their own lack of goals.



Thank you for such an insightful and honest post. I took a class of yours with BPS a few years ago and it helped me immensley in reconnecting with my inner voice (the good one) and its so refreshing to see again that I am not alone in facing the daily struggle with guilt and being unsure about feelings of essentially being selfish, even though we all logically know that self care is first and foremost the thing we need to do in order to be capable of helping others. I applaud your courage to be totally honest and raw about who you are and what you think and feel, and once again you have inspired and invoked in me the courage to do the same.
Wishing you all the success you deserve - don't allow anyone tell you its not ok to want to win (not even yourself) its who you are. Stand tall be proud and pioneer your own perfect possibilities.

Zoe Goode
'Pioneering the 'Goode' life with Passion, Purpose & Possibility

Chi'nuru Coaching

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