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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Chris Selander

Ha, ha, ha, ha! That made me laugh. I could totally see Kendelll doing what he did! Wish I could have seen it too :)


I can see Kendell doing that, too. I bet he surprised those people!!

jamie `

How great. I don't know Kendell all that well so It's fun to learn something new about him. kill them with kindness eh?

as to people yelling at you. I am always surprised at how mean some people can be. A couple years ago my brother would ride his bike to/from work in california. Most of the roads weren't very busy but he had about a 1/2 mile stretch on a very busy road that always made him nervous but never more so than the day 2 cruel obnoxious girls jeered and threw a beer bottle at him that crashed right in front of him sending glass shards flying up at him. Thank goodness he was allright. He called the police and turns out they'd been harrassing people for a few miles and were already on their way. mean people suck!


Oh yeah! I've been the recipient of the Kendell 'toss-down' as you put it. He's a natural-born leader and has the ability to win people over. Very cool.

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