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Exhausted: A Trek Teaser

Home from Trek. Wanting to sit down and write all about the incredible experience I had, but am way too tired this evening, plus I still have to go to the grocery store. I'm just trying to talk myself down from going to bed at 7:06 pm. Luckily Kaleb peed in my bed last night (wheeeeeee!) and I'm still washing the bedding. Otherwise I might just be asleep by now. At any rate, a Trek Teaser:

  • 60+ mph winds and Amy (seriously claustrophobic Amy) in a blown-down tent do not get along. Serious and total and complete mental breakdown on my part, as well as a sudden rush of enlightenment.
  • Wyoming is cold. And windy. In fact, the weather is so awful we should have named it Whinoming. (You know...because the weather makes even grown men whine.)
  • Walking paths my ancestors also walked was a deeply spiritual and moving experience. I might not be able to frame it in words that are blog-worthy for awhile. (Read: there might be more than one blog entry about the Trek.)
  • When driving six hours with women you sort-of know, don't plan on reading massive books. You'll more than sort-of know them by the end of the experience; you might not finish (or even crack open) the books but you will have new friends.
  • Speaking of friends. At some of the most intense moments, I thought of several different people (my friend Jamie, and my sister Becky, and my other friend Chris, to name just a couple) and I felt as if just by thinking of them I had brought them along.
  • Life is strange. I discovered I have a cousin—a man who is also the great-great grandchild of Levi Openshaw—who lives less than half a mile away from me.
  • There are some experiences a camera cannot do justice to.
  • Zyrtek is no match for Wyoming pollen.
  • Kleenex during spring allergy season is an absolute necessity on camping trips.
  • Bring next time: extra blanket, sack for dirty clothes, slippers for tent. SPRINGBAR TENT. (I will never camp again unless I have one. Ever.)
  • I really, really hope there is a next time.
  • The hardest things are also the best ones.

That's it until I catch up on some sleep. And go to the grocery store.


jamie `

I hope there are lots and lots of posts about trek from you! I can't wait. Thank you for taking a part of me along I wish I could have been with you completely.

Becky K

I can't wait to hear more. I love that we were both thinking of each other this weekend, and that our big summer events happened at the same time. I thought about you, too, and hoped you were having a great experience. Next year we'll do Ragnar together & I can't wait!!!


This is SUCH a teaser! I want more details! But I will be nice and wait till you've recovered. Thanks for the slipper-tip. I'll be sure to pack some extra warm evening footwear. (I wish I'd bought some knock-off Uggs when they were on sale. They're ugly but they're WARM.) Glad you had such a fun time!


Trek: Sitting in a circle with the young men and young women of your "family," hearing them say that they could never live in pioneer times, because they don't think they could go through what the pioneers went through -- and you, remembering those same young men take help each other push all the handcarts up Rocky Ridge, and the young women toughing it out and helping each other on the Women's Walk, and thinking, "Oh yes, you could. You proved it to me today." If these young people are the leaders of the next generation, then we'll be okay.

Chris Selander

I want to hear more about Trek soon. Brought back memories of when I did Trek. While I was doing it, I hated a lot of moments but sure grew a lot.


I am anxious to see pictures and hear more about your experiences. I hope the weather didn't dampen your time there, but it does make one appreciate what the pioneers went through.

My relation to Levi:
Levi Openshaw
His daughter, Mary Jane Openshaw married Joesph Franklin Wall
Their daughter, Verda Wall married Elden Hatch
Their son, my father, Myron Wall Hatch married Barbara Budge
Myself, Marilee Hatch Cahoon

It would be fun to hear your relation.

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