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One of my favorite types of scrapbook layouts is a "Life Right Now." Within the the space of about a week, I do a photo shoot, process the pictures and get a few printed, and write down details. Then I put everything together on a layout. This isn't anything like Ali Edwards's "A Week in the Life" project, by the way. It's not as structured nor as intense. It's just a way to capture the details of right now. I love looking back on these layouts because they give a great sense of regular, everyday life.

99.9% of the time, though, the layouts are about my kids. (Which means: I've made a total of two "life right now" layouts about myself.) And while I am of the opinion that any layout, no matter what the subject is, is also really about its maker, I thought that, this morning and probably more times in the future, I'd blog my own Life Right Now details. You should too!

  • I just finished reading and rereading a whole bunch of teen books to get myself ready for teen summer reading at the library. The books were all from the nominees for the 2011 Beehive Award.

  My favorites: ■ Chains (Laurie Halse Anderson's historical about slavery in pre-revolutionary-war America)

Flygirl (1940's historical about the Women Airforce Service Pilots and a woman who wants to join—except her blackness says she can't, so, since she's light-skinned enough, she tries to "pass" as white)

 ■ Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Fantasy based on Asian dragon mythology).

Those two historicals are so good. I like historical novels that manage to uncover something I didn't know much about, and they both do that. Plus the writing is lovely, especially in Chains. That I liked the fantasy so much took me completely by surprise, because I've sort of been anti-fantasy lately. When I read a description that is something like "just like Harry Potter" I just roll my eyes. Why not just reread H.P. then? I am tired of fantasies that copy others, so I've grown fantasy picky. But Eon was, perhaps, my favorite from the list. It is about Eon, who is trying to become a Dragoneye apprentice. Dragoneyes work with the society's twelve dragons and are powerful men; Eon, though, is really a girl pretending to be a boy. Parts of it had me in literal tears of frustration as I bumped up against the age-old women-are-less-than-men belief. I fell hard for this book and will be recommending it like crazy.

The book I hated? Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride. She disappointed me with this one.

  • Next up in the reading department: The Lace Reader, Anthropology of an American Girl, and Private Life by Jane Smiley. Can't decide where to start! Have you read any of them?
  • Yesterday we had a quickly-thrown-together fifth birthday party for Kaleb. He wanted to invite the entire world but I restricted the list to kids who had just finished preschool or kindergarten. Have I ever written about how much I don't like doing kids' birthday parties? I always feel like I am leaving out someone I should have invited (Jamie, I thought Mason would be bored and Becky, I didn't want to stress you out with another drive to utah county) and I end up spending too much and I worry that none of the kids have fun anyway because I go the simple route. Still, Kaleb seemed to love it and that is all that should matter, right?
  • My hay fever continues to KILL ME. Last year I took Singulair and that controlled it much better. Last year I also had a doctor. This year, I am trying to find a new one, and so I'm taking Zyrtek instead, which feels like taking nothing.
  • A plus to the hay fever: I have almost worked my way through the overwhelming amounts of Kleenex I have. I'm not really sure why, but suddenly I have approximate 2,877,119 boxes. Apparently sometime in the recent past I thought I needed Kleenex every time I went to the store.
  • This week I swapped schedules at work so I could go to my niece's wedding this weekend. This meant three nights in a row I wasn't home—which is too much. My kids are barely holding it together, the laundry status is nightmarish, we are out of everything. The way I feel this morning has reinforced my decision that I am not at all ready or willing to work full time right now. My family needs me more than they need the extra money.
  • That said, however: Novell right now is rife with rumors over a pending company sale. Meaning someone else has taken over the company, which will more than likely mean one thing: layoffs for a lotof people. My heart starts pounding and my stomach ties in knots when I think about this. I cannot stand the thought of enduring another period of unemployment. I fear it might just break me. I can't do it—that is the thought I keep sending out to the Powers That Be. Really, PTB: I can't. Please don't make me.
  • Deepbreath. Deepbreath. Deepbreath.
  • Lately I have been feeling exhausted. If I had a doctor, I would make an appointment. I feel like I am constantly on edge, like I'm being flooded with adrenaline. Honestly, what I feel like is what Bilbo says: like butter over too much bread.
  • Today I am determined to finish getting myself, Haley, and Jake ready for the pioneer trek we are going on next week. One more bonnet, some "bloomers" (our bloomers are really just running pants with elastic at the bottom; when we get home from the trek I'll take the elastic out and voila: functional running pants) to finish, and a handful of items to purchase. I haven't blogged much about the trek but while I am looking forward to it, it is also adding to my general stressiness. I will be glad when it is finally just here.
  • Haley is training with the cross-country team at the high school she'll be attending in the fall. I am SO proud of her—she gets up and goes, every morning, with her friend. She isn't sure she wants to be on the team and I am trying to not be pushy, but I am secretly hoping she tries to make the team anyway. I am all sorts of anxious about her starting high school (just because my own experience was so difficult) and I think having teammates might smooth the way. (I keep reminding myself that she is not me and she is not destined to have my high school experience.)
  • One of my nieces, Brittany, is getting married this weekend. Another niece, Kayci, had a new baby a couple of weeks ago. I should have made both of these into Reasons to Sew, but so far I haven't. Dear nieces: don't let my lack of sewing seem like disinterest. I AM happy for you! ;)
  • Speaking of sewing: I am in the throes of purchasing fabrics for a quilt for Kaleb. I have got to do something to keep that kid in his own bed. He is FIVE and still gets into my bed almost every night. Plus, he snores. So it's stereo snoring all night long. I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in, like, eight years. Or maybe 15. At any rate, I am making him a magical quilt. I keep telling him that: "it's magical. It will help you sleep so good and keep away the bad dreams." So far, I have only bought supplies. The purchasing thing is shaping up nicely. (You can see the main fabric, Michael Miller's Dino Dudes, here. Isn't it cute? It also comes in flannel!!!!) 
  • Yesterday I talked to Becky for a few minutes while trying to shop at Costco. I had to hang up when Kaleb fell in the cart and scraped his back. Miss you, Beck! She has a new house and I still haven't been up to see it. Dear Becky: don't let my lack of coming to see your new house seem like disinterest. (or jealousy!) I AM happy for you! ;)
  • Jacob has a toothache. Seriously...seriously? He is 12.5 and hasn't ever had a cavity, and yet he keeps complaining. So, we're off to see the dentist today.
  • It has been so nice to have Nathan's cast off. He is much happier. And cleaner! (It is impossible to keep the casted body part clean. That inside-the-cast smell is horrid.)
  • Every time it's windy, I get anxious about my sycamore tree. The wound on it is HUGE. I'm not sure it will make it. It's been windy here a lot.
  • The oil spill continues to stress, sadden, and frighten me. I can't stand it.
  • We are contemplating a trip to North Carolina to visit our friends Paul and Becca. If it weren't for all the impending Novell doom, we'd have already planned it by now. I really  want to go.

One cool thing about the "life right now" thing is how it shows you patterns. Writing this morning has helped me see more clearly why I am in my state of constant anxiety. There is a lot going on in my life. What's up in yours?



I like this concept. Perhaps I should do a "Life Right Now" photo series. Actually, I guess I already am since I'm doing a 365 project.


LOVE this blog entry. I'm going to do one of those layouts - what a great idea. Maybe I'll even start blogging again. Thanks Amy! I like the peek into your life as it is right now. One more pattern I noticed: if you're sleeping with snore stereo it's no wonder you're tired all the time. ;-) The quilt fabric is fabulous. I want one and I'm a grownup!


Good luck!

I think Kate needs a dinosaur quilt.

Becky K

Sleeping: ours is going fabulously since we moved. Who knew? It is so strange to walk in and wake up my sleeping children instead of having them right there, crowding me out of my own bed.

It was awesome talking to you even for a few minutes. And I'm glad you will be there tomorrow. :)


"Like butter over too much bread"--mmHmm.

I keep meaning to comment on your blog this week or email you or something, and there are always more words to say than I have time to write.

I'm sorry about your tree. When I drove by the other day, a quick glance left me thinking it wasn't too bad at all. I'll have to look again. I hope the tree does make it!

jamie `

bday parties are like that.... it's hard to pare down the list and sometimes people are sad they were not invited but as you said... "You can't invite everyone" and it's true. I've never been an "invite the whole class" parent. Happily most of my kids have summer bdays which takes some of the pressure off. My youngest 2 are May so we have a bit of that but still I can not have 24 children to be responsible for. we are so not offended!

I really liked "along for the ride" what didn't you like about it?

I am sewing elastic into a skirt and hemming skirts tonight and had to go shopping for another shirt for C today. I think that just might do it for us to prepare for trek. Good luck.

and Mason is 7 and still climbs in from time to time but was a VERY frequent visitor until age 6. It's so hard with the last one to kick em out. Especially when they are so cute and cuddly.

Good Luck with everything! love you!


I'm sorry you're so tired right now. That's no good. Sounds like you've got lots and lots of balls in the air. I'll send my own vibes to the PTB.

Our trek starts on Wednesday. I get a knot in my stomach thinking about that!


Hi, I just saw your entry on my blog. What fun. You will really enjoy your time at Martins Cove. Be sure to go into the visitors center if you have a moment. There is a wall with Levi's name on it along with his family.

I hope the weather is good for your group. I heard that last week they had bad rains so now the sun can shine for you. Have a great time and I will be looking forward to your blog entry when you get back.


I love this post idea. Very clever and fun to read.


Loved all these little snippets. Can totally relate to the total exhaustion feeling (although, I can tell you have way more on your plate than I do, so your exhaustion seems to be within normal bounds ... mine, we are wondering about adrenal fatigue, although my dr. won't diagnose it as this). Will be praying that the job situation remains stable for your family.

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