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San Clemente, California

Where in the World?

There's a pile of sandy beach towels on the back porch, waiting to be washed. They'll have to wait though, because there're also piles of darks and lights to be washed, too; they all smell vaguely of hotel. Plus our enormous suitcase is sitting in the middle of the front room, waiting to be put away, and all of my lotions and soaps are still in Ziploc bags on the bathroom floor.

All signs that we've recently returned from a vacation!

Despite all your excellent advice, we didn't get to go to San Francisco. We started planning this spur-of-the-moment vacation too close to when we were leaving, and the tours to Alactraz were already completely booked. So we just went to the beach instead. We'll save San Fran for another vacation.

While I'm doing laundry and putting stuff away and obsessing over the smell in the suitcase, I thought I'd do a little blog give away. If you DON'T know which California beach city we stayed at, leave me a comment with your guess. (Here's a tiny hint: we stayed south of Los Angeles.) Whoever guesses correctly first will be the happy winner of a package of beach-related scrapping supplies.

Happy guessing!



Oh, if only I hadn't gotten that text with the name! Lol. You don't want to waste your scrap supplies on me anyway...they would moulder before I got around to doing something with them.

I love that you went to the beach!!! I hope you had a fabulous time. Did you do the whole tour with Lehman's Caves as well?

jamie `

oh man! I can't really guess because your kid is over here and I already asked him what beach you went to. If I'd known there was something to be gained by guessing I'd have kept my mouth shut! ;)
Glad you're home safe. Happy laundering....

Karen Greenfield

Newport Beach or Laguna???? Or are they not far enough south??? Did you kids go to Disneyland?? Hope you had a wonderful time!! xxKaren


I'm not much of a beach person, so I'm going to guess Coronado Island because it's my favorite beach in CA. And San Diego is south of Los Angeles.

Kimberly Ann

My guess is Huntington beach. Welcome back, and good luck with all that laundry!


We just returned from San Diego. Don't know if that's a beach city (I'm in Texas), but we enjoyed the beach there!


Grandma told me what beach you went to but I totally forgot dang it!! Hope you guys had fun tho! :)


I have no California knowledge! Argh! I'll guess San Diego.

Kary in Colorado

How about La Jolla? I had to think of something different!

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