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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Becky K

I am bawling. I can feel your spirit (and Ann's) through this post. I am glad she was there for you. I am glad that you know her now. I am sure there will be an incredible reunion with her one day.

I have always tuned out those talks on the Martin Handcart company as well. Not knowing our history made me feel not "mormon" enough. It is strange to know that we have that heritage.

Thanks for sharing your talk with us. It was beautiful!


Thank you for sharing the words of your talk. Amazing! I have always felt like I am not strong enough to participate in trek - hate the heat & the bugs & being dirty - but realize that there are some powerful lessons to be learned. I read a book called The Price We Paid that contained a lot of excerpts from pioneer journals & histories. I am a convert but have pioneer ancestry - none from the handcart companies - but I was deeply moved by the stories that I read.


From one who stayed behind, thank you for sharing a bit of your experience. Sometimes I wonder If I like my comfort too much, maybe I should have tried harder to get out there. Sometimes it's easy to be the supportive one, letting Mark and the girls go and staying behind, out of the wind.


I'm glad you shared some of your experience and your feelings, Amy. Very inspiring. I'm afraid I would've earned "complainer of the year" award if I had gone. I spoke with Brother B. Sunday afternoon and he said that the Youth Meeting turned out to be his favorite of the entire Conference.


I think it is wonderful and fitting that you discovered both your history and this part of yourself on the trek. I am also impressed with your power packed five minutes!!! You made very good use with your time.


I agree, that was a power-packed 5 minutes. Nicely done.
I didn't know I had pioneer ancestors until I did my research for Trek. I was THRILLED to find mine. They had it a little easier than the Martin Co. - the official reports say there were no deaths. However, though my ancestor was pregnant when she left no baby is listed in our genealogy. So I'm also left to wonder what happened. How did she deal with her husband off in the Battalion, what did she do with her 4 children, who drove the wagon, what she felt.... I'd rather read about it than speculate.


I am thinking perhaps the Martin Handcart Co. was the subject of a musical that my family attended way back when I was 7 or 8 and we visited Salt Lake City on vacation. We attended a free musical in the gigantic Mormon tabernacle. Most of my memories come from a two minute snippet my father caught on 8 mm film (the kind that jump around and look so archaic now), but I'm sure the characters were lined up by a long row of handcarts and the littlest boy was hiding inside a barrel inside the handcart.

I must take my boys on a trip to Utah. I would love it if that dream came true. Not sure it will, since every thing seems to go against such dreams (my only vacations each year are a 10 day Bible camp I attend with my sons in WI).

Myron Harrison

I stumbled into your site today when I was googling on "Samuel Openshaw Martin Handcart Party" as part of some research. Because you are interested in the subject and are a librarian, I would like to recommend you order a recently published reproduction of a 1952 book, "George The Handcart Boy." It's geared to a young reader, and I think you will find it ideal for those who have "trekked," or are contemplating that activity. Easiest way to do it is to google "SUU Press," look for Purchases," and follow through from there. An alternative is to e-mail Janet Seegmiller at "seegmiller@suu.edu" or call her at 435-865-8434. You would probably enjoy talking to her. Good luck, Myron Harrison

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