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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Monika Wright

Wow, you are uber-talented, Amy. I am in awe.

Pamela K.

You have me inspired! I'm going to the fabric store and buying some fabric. Oh, and I like to iron my seams open too. I'm such a rebel!:-P


Sigh, I wish I was crafty. Alas, I am not.

This is gorgeous.



I'm coming over to your house right now and stealing this quilt. You love me enough to let me do that, right?

Just kidding. Maybe.

Love love love love love this quilt. Cannot say that enough. I want to crawl inside it and live forever.

Jessica W

You are one talented woman Amy! What a beautiful quilt.


Ooh, I like the pattern. Sneaky.

Melissa Grogan

I love this quilt. Love the fabric and the pattern. I'm just starting out with my quilting but I can't believe how much I like finding patterns and seeing them. Your instructions by the way, very nice and clear for those of us, who are still pestering their mothers with "what does this mean!?"


Oh my goodness! It's gorgeous!! I haven't quilted in years. I started one for my daughter the day before my son was born & finally finished it when he was about 18 months. But I haven't quilted since then. This makes me want to get back to a double 9 patch I started even longer ago...this quilt is THAT inspiring!


Your quilt is gorgeous. Haven't quilted since my youngest was born, but now that he is getting older, I am ready to get back to it. Would you care to share how much fabric you bought to do this quilt?
Thank you!

Becky T

your quilt is stunning. I have just started working on my first one...a baby quilt. I want to make one for me but this quilt stuff is kinda hard for me..lol


Hi Amy,
I hope it's not too late to tell you that you've inspired not one, but two quilts to be made this fall! I began one a few days ago and asked a friend for help with cutting, etc as I'm new to quilting. She loved the design so much that she decided to use it for the quilt she had gathered fabric for!

Thank you so much for explaining it, showing photos, etc. We are so excited!


I'm linking you to my blog! I'm working on my first quilt and I really like your tutorial!

Marina van Rijswijk

This has to be the clearest tutorial for disappearing nine patches that I've come across. I'm a new quilter and a DNP for my daughter is my next project. Does the layout of the original nine patches have to be the same, i.e. always using the same colours in the same order? I'm using batiks in rich jewel colours for this one and I have more than nine fabrics. My daughter's not too keen on the quilt having a pattern - she wants "wild colour' instead.


I love the sense of "organized randomness" you created and really appreciate the detailed instructions you provided on how you accomplished it. Absolutely gorgeous!

Cheryl Saunderson

Your quilt is just lovely. Love the warm autumn colors. I love when a fabric calls my name in a store too. Just have to buy it! I especially loved when I read the word "titch". My mom has been saying that her whole life and people look so puzzled when they hear it. Loved seeing it in print! I also think the DNP is a wonderful block as the center square, when used like yours, as the same one throughout, pulls the whole quilt together. And, if you use a solid for the four inner squares when cut and regrouped looks like sashing with a common cornerstone square. So much you can do with that block. Love yours!

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