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Disappearing Nine Patch Tutorial

Hey! It's November, which means I can pull out this quilt:

Dis 9 patch this quilt 
That is my Thanksgiving quilt, which I pieced two years ago, and finally bound about three days before Thanksgiving last year, so this is the first year I really get to use it all November long. This quilt happened because one day I was rambling through Joann and I came across the Debbie Mumm fabric aisle and fell in love with a Thanksgiving print:

 Dis 9 patch backing fabric 
There was only a bit left in the store (and I think it is supposed to be used as a tablecloth), but I was lucky enough to find a bunch of the companion pieces —six, in fact! They are unabashedly Thanksgiving-esque: steaming apple pies, and those glorious turkeys, corn cobs and cornucopias. Plus, the prints with words: one with "turkey" repeated, the other with words like "blessings" and "family time" and "gathering in gratitude" on tags. Still, I think this project would have stayed in the perpetual bin of one-day-I'll-work-on-this if I hadn't also stumbled across the orange fabric I used for the small squares and the binding. Dis 9 patch quilt
I cannot adequately express my affection for that orange fabric.

 The pattern I used for it is called the Disappearing Nine Patch, and is one of my favorites because it looks complicated but is really fairly easy. Here's how to do it:

1. Assemble a bunch of nine-patch blocks. A nine patch is a single block made of, you guessed it, nine smaller squares, arranged in a 3x3 grid. Traditionally, the nine patch is pretty scrappy—nine different fabrics with a similar color but wildly different patterns, coordinated by the color similarity. You can make your nine patches that way, or you can take a more patterned approach. For mine, I was very careful: I wanted the outside corne