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Wednesday, November 03, 2010



If it makes you feel any better, I knew immediately who Nathan was. Gorgeous costume.

Becky K

I am glad Haley got to go to the party. :)

Love the costumes. The picture of Kendell reminds me of trying to get his picture at Easter with Shane a few years ago. They do have a sensor for photos, don't they?

Love all of your costumes. Your witch wig rocks - I think you should wear it every day. :)


I vote for smart. I usually always call in situations like that and I'm pretty sure I have good kids and I know what they would do but you never really know do you so you gotta check and at least make sure they're going to a somewhat controlled environment. Just because so few parents do it anymore doesn't make it wrong to do it. I reiterate.... I think it makes you smart mom! :)

Pat Passamonte

Tell hubby to suck it up and let you take his picture! My dad was like that, and now he's gone, and I have so few good pictures of him... So guilt him into it,for the sake of the kids!


That's funny about your Kendell. Colby has taken it a step further & won't even let me mention his existence on the blog anymore. (I still do. Ha ha.) Your wig looks super hott. You should totally dye your hair black. Mmmmm, hummus.


Great costume round-up post!
1.) I appreciate the hard-to-identify costume as Maddie was a "real witch" last year (right out of Roald Dahl's Witches) and the primary goal of a real witch is to pass mostly undetected among non-witches. It was a genius costume that no one under the age of 18 appreciated : )

2.) Matt and Kendell would get along nicely.

Jessica W

Very cute costumes! I love that race shirt. I saw a lady walking around the track last week wearing that shirt and wondered if it was from the halloween 1/2.

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