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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Monika Wright

I too feel blessed to have a wonderful FIL who fully supports me as his only "daughter." I was relieved to see that you added that you had heard from Kendell. Your family will be in my prayers..


I'm sorry your family is going through this. I think any father-in-law would appreciate knowing someone their child married tried as hard as you have to understand him as a human being. I hope he finds comfort.


I think I held my breath reading every word of this, Amy. Be sure to tell him how much you love and respect him (I'm sure you do, but you know.)


My love and hugs to you, dear Amy during this difficult time. My FIL died due to colon cancer 11 years ago, and he is still greatly missed.


I've been through the same situation with my Mom and two step fathers. Hospice is a wonderful organization / concept.


oh i am glad he's ok. or at least that it's not the worst. this is a wonderful list and I should do something similar for the people in my life too. thank you for the idea.


Thanksgiving was somewhat similar for me (although my FIL is still here). Tuesday night of that week, my MIL could not get my FIL up the stairs. In the end, three firefighters responded and helped her, encouraging her to get a bed on the first floor for him. She keeps holding out. I believe it is a flag she doesn't want to put down because it will symbolize a partial defeat. Anyway, he was the worst off I have seen yet and my MIL still resists getting someone to come in for a few hours each day to help her (we tried to say, "What if he were to fall back on you? then you would both end up in the hospital."). Now she is talking about bringing him over to our house one last time. I think she believes he will rally if he sees the farm one last time, but I cannot imagine how she will get him over here. We shall see. Hopefully, I will have the house clean enough for their standards.

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