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Friday, November 05, 2010



I like the poem. "Whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall..."

Becky K

I am there with you on all points. I think that our fear is making it more real that it is/needs to be. But how do you not fear losing your life? Impossible.

And see: you remember things I don't, because I forgot all the cat calendars in grandma's house. Together we can piece it all together. :)


Thank you for sharing another Billy Collins poem - this another fantastic one that captures so much, so well.

With two aunts with Alzheimers, I'm with you in the fear of this disease. Awful.


Hello Amy,

I found your blog via your free class at BPS, the Big Idea Festival. My dad has Alzheimer's. He's 85 and has deteriorated greatly since Christmas, when he was hospitalized for aggressive behaviour. Now is waiting for long-term care, and his doctor is cooking up drug cocktails to cure his aggression. sigh. Anyway, I've read a few of your posts about Alzheimer's and this one really spoke to me because of how you expressed being fearful about forgetting, as if you too are on the journey called "Alzheimer's". I used to fear this, but now I don't. I guess I've realized that my dad lived a very full life until he was about 80, and then the dementia slowly began to take over. I figure 80 is pretty good, and even now when I forget things, I realize there's nothing to worry about. We all forget things as we age...especially when we're stressed, or we have to look after our family and everyone is going in all directions at once. I've made peace with Alzheimer's and decided not to sacrifice my energy by worrying about it. I definitely don't welcome it into my life, but I don't fear it anymore. I hope that some day soon you will be at peace knowing that you are making wonderful memories everyday with your loved ones and your dad's spirit lives on in your hearts. Take care...

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