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Holiday Hodgepodge #12: a Thought for Next Year

When Kaleb woke up this morning, he ran over to the advent calendar and put the 24th toy into Santa's sack. Then he came to snuggle with me and said "Mom! All the toys are in Santa's bag! That means he's ready to come tonight, right?"

Well, almost.

I'm certain you're caught up in lots of last-minute prep, too, but I thought I'd share this idea. Maybe it's something you won't use until next year, but that's OK. Here's the concept: as parents,we invest a ton of time in our kids at Christmas. The shopping, of course, and the wrapping, but there are also the activities and the traditions and the baking. Sometimes it's nice to do something for yourself.

Enter my Christmas Eve notebook. Every year after I've set out all the gifts from Santa, I take a few minutes to write. And in this notebook, I focus on myself, on what I'm feeling about the holidays, what my hopes for the day are, how I have changed since the last Christmas, what I hope the next year will bring. It gives me a moment before the drama of the day to focus my thoughts and to relax.

This year I needed a new notebook, so I made one. You can see it here, at the Write Click Scrapbook blog. But it doesn't really matter what you write in. It can be just an ordinary, $1.00 spiral bound notebook you bought at Target. The important thing is that you write.

Merry Christmas!



That's such a great idea! I have a pile of new notebooks in my basement (since I can't resist school supplies in August).

Will do.


I really enjoyed that post, makes me wish I started one years ago, but it is never too late I suppose.


You have such wonderful ideas, Amy! I'm sure your children will one day cherish all the time you took to get down your reflections on life. (Perhaps remind us of this idea again next year, just after Thanksgiving, and I will give this a go - knowing my brain ... I will forget about it by then.)

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