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Thursday, January 13, 2011



This is an interesting concept to me because neither my parents nor Jay's are what I'd call "daily" grandparents. They're not birthday and holiday grandparents either, but considering the distance of mine and the current situation of Jay's (temple president and matron) we don't see either of the very much. Sometimes it makes me sad but I'm pretty sure the hovering type would make me batty.

I don't know what kind of grandma I'll be. I'm not really expecting my children to stay where we live. I fully plan on them leaving for college and then wherever their lives, jobs, families take them. But, I love the idea of being a book grandma. I may just copy that idea.


Mmmmm . . . nice. I love giving books as gifts, too. It is one of my favorite things to give.

Funny, because I'm not a voracious reader, and you know my picky habits. But still, I love the written word, love sharing great finds, and hope my child(ren?) will love reading as much as I did when I was younger.

You will be an awesome Grandma!


It's not odd to have those thoughts in your thirties.... or if it is then we can be odd together. I boxed up some wooden train tracks/trains and wooden puzzles, thinking they'd be great toys for "grandkids. I also have a really hard time getting rid of books unless they're trashed. I have been trying to go through my bookshelves and I just can't get rid of any..... my mom feels very strongly about inscribing books that she gives. I don't because I'm always afraid they'll want to return then and then won't be able to. I do not have gift giving confidence.... I suppose.


One of the titles I'm most proud of is that my great-niece calls me "Auntie Book". I've given her a book for her birthday and Christmas since the day she was born, 8 years ago in April. She's old enough to call me by my given name now, but I love it that she persists in using the name she came up with for me when she was smaller.


Amy your daughter is more than welcome to come stay with me!!


When my oldest brother was the only one with kids, I discovered a wonderful series called "Building Christian Character." My all-time favorite was "Buzzle Billy" about a Buzzle who grew gimmee hands because of his inability to share.

I'm normally quite the skin-flint with money, but every chance I got, I would buy and present the gift of one of these books. I'll never forget poor Eric (about 4) when he opened the present and wailed, "It's just a book," and ran away sobbing. Of course, his parents reprimanded him and I felt sad that he didn't really want "a book."

My oldest would have responded in the same way, but my two younger boys love getting books. In fact, Trevor was anxious for today's memorial service for my father-in-law because he left a beloved Christmas gift book (about real monsters and creatures of the Bible) at Grandma's house over Christmas.


Love this post Amy!! I have one little grandson...first time Grandma for me! But they live 7 hours away which is hard. I will remember this though...have books on my shelf that I can't part with because I know I will want to read them to my grandkids when they come to visit!!

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