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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Pat Passamonte

Personal, made with love, is always always best!


Isn't a baby quilt practical? I have never had any children but I have cared for hundreds of little ones and it can't be done without a blanket of two. I know there are people who are rude and think that anything handmade is worthless but for the most part people realize the thought and work and intent of a handmade gift and they love them. Even if it isn't their 'color' it will always come in handy for the park or on sick days and who is to say it won't be the baby's 'color'. Keep giving quilts for gifts.

Robin W

A friend made a quilt for my son when he was born, and I loved it! I thought it was such a thoughtful gift that she had taken the time to do this for my son. I still have this blanket, put away of course, but I thought someday my son might want this blanket for his own kids (or I could pull it out for my grandkids when they come over--of course I don't actually have any grandkids yet :) but you know what I mean). I think a handmade quilt is a wonderful gift!


I loved the baby blankets and quilts we received for ds. And he got plenty. But it never felt like too many. The home-made are still the most cherished. I still remember who gave us which quilts.


p.s.--That is darling, by the way!

Becky K

(Am reading these comments intensely, because I wonder that, too!)

As a fellow giver-of-blankets, I hope that they are always well-recieved. I know I remember which blankets were given to me for both Thomas and Ben. They are always handy; you can't have too many blankets.

There is one lady in my old ward who I have made 4 blankets for to correspond with her 4 youngest children. I would see some of the older blankets every now and then at church and it made me happy. Now I've made a few for people in my new ward and I get the same jolt of happiness when I see their sweet babies wrapped up my gift.

Holy comment hog! And I love the new blanket you made. I am stressing about all these babies I need to sew for. So far I've got 6 to make. 6!


I can't imagine receiving a more perfect gift than a handmade baby quilt. : )


I love handmade baby blankets (quilt or knit) I feel like I am wrapping my baby in love. Corny right?


I love every one you show on here and might consider another baby if I could have one.... ;)
I was present as an aide in the classroom when you gave Nathan's 3rd grade teacher a quilt for teacher appreciation. She swooned. She loved. She snuggled. Right there in front of all the children!


First off - I love that quilt.... the colors the design - everything about it!

I have received quilts/blankets for all of our babies and always loved them - I am sentimental that way and so I always remember who gave them to us and they always hold a special place.

I am also a blanket giver. I give receiving blankets because I don't have any idea how to put a quilt together, but I always sew them out of love and hope that is how they are received.

I think it is a great gift - especially for a first baby!


It really is the perfect gift. I've always wished I had the talent or inclination to give a handmade gift, but instead, I usually do a cute outfit or Bobby Pillow (because I loved and needed mine). I have about ten quilts between my three boys that were made with love from aunts, grandmas and friends and every time I look at them, I think of the time and forethought it took for these lovely women to make them. I can't remember at all who gave what clothes or lotion.

Sew on, happy quilter and know that you are loved.

Kary in Colorado

Goodness--what is more practical than a quilt?!! My adult children still have their "favorite quilts", and when my son's fiancee confessed that she still has hers as well, I knew she would fit right in. So give quilts without guilt. (You do realize that outside of Utah, people are absolutely DAZZLED when you give them a homemade quilt, don't you?)

Chris S.

I love every handmade blanket I received for my kids. I can't part with any of them. They've far outgrown the baby quilts but I have them all boxed up and saved. The quilt you made me is one of my most prized possessions. Never stop making quilts!


I love receiving quilts (and other forms of hand-made blankets). For real.

And wha?!? My baby has a partly made quilt?? SWEET!!!


Ok, I love quilts!! And it made me so happy to see that you even thought of giving a quilt to Claire and Lucy:) I generally remember who gave me what blanket, but now the "I feel stupid" part: did you make one for Grace?

Now, I got your comment and I would LOVE to run a 5k with you and Becky. Why don't you get a short list together of some favorites and I'll check it out and we can pick a date. I am going to sign up for one that is May 7th, and I am quite nervous...not sure why. Anyway thanks for commenting on my page, I love to hear what you think.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I wasn't too far out of a job as a church secretary and the women of that church held a baby shower for me. One of the women made me a boatload of cloth diaper burp pads (sewing adorable baby fabric on the middle strip of the diaper) and a large baby quilt. It is probably the only gift that I remember with great clarity and it hurt the most to give it up when we were all done with babies (perhaps I should have kept them).

Oh, I lied - I do remember one other gift and it is for the same reason. The custodian made a set of blocks out of plastic canvas - they must have taken her oodles of time to put together!


Dear Amy,
Oh please please continue to plan, make, and give quilts. It sounds like they are your "signature" gift! I would imagine mothers to be who know you are hoping for an Amy quilt. I know that I would! Driving to a store, choosing a cute outfit, putting it in a gift bag and driving to a baby shower takes 1-2 hours max. The gift you give is far more time consuming, expensive, and thoughtful. I want to encourage you to figure out a way to simplify them, stick with that style/pattern/quilt design, finish them and give them. They will be loved. If you know someone who you KNOW will not appreicate it, go buy them another gift! I've made a handful of quilts and gave only one away. It was a baby gift that became a 1 year old birthday gift because I took so much time finishing it. I made it from my heart and know that it is treasured, which made all the time and cost totally worth it.

p.s. I'm still working on the flannel 9 patch design like your Thanksgiving quilt. I need to quilt and bind it...hoping it will be done before Spring arrives!

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