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Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Wow! You are so well-read! You should be a librarian! Ha ha!

Last night I stopped by the thrift store, and I found copies of White Oleander and Song of Solomon. And I bought them. Because I knew them from Oprah's book club. Ha ha! Now... when you say "a little grit," what do you mean??

I think I already have a follow-up post formulating in my head. I just need to finish Edgar Sawtelle first.

Becky K

My favorite is Poisonwood Bible. But I love Tara Road and We were the Mulvaneys. And yes you do have my copy of the Wally Lamb book but I don't care because my bookshelf is full anyway. And I'm also wondering do you have my copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? Hmm.

I think it's funny we have read so many of the same ones. And you did read A Lesson Before dying, silly. It was your pick for that one round of SDBBE. I think!

I should have done this too instead of comment-hogging Britt's blog.

Kim D

I found Jewel disturbing - didn't like it at all. Drowning Ruth was strange - I didn't like or dislike it. She's Come Undone was well written, although I found the subject not something I would consider a favorite. I haven't read The Poisonwood Bible, though it's on my "to read" shelf. Of the ones I've read, my favorite is Where the Heart Is followed by Cane River. I also liked The Pilot's Wife. Anita Shreve's books are "heavy" if that makes sense. The Pilot's Wife was the first book of hers I read, and it's probably my favorite, although Fortune's Rocks is one I kept. What I liked about The Pilot's Wife is how the author allows you to go down a certain path, the logical path anyone would take based on what you see, and then she turns you on your head with something unexpected. I haven't read nearly as many of these as you have, but it surprised me I've read some you haven't. I don't consider myself half the reader you are. :-) Basically, I like funny books or happy stories with good endings (and the occasional teen series) - maybe that says something about my emotional state. Even with my need for happiness, I love Geraldine Brooks.


where the heart is --is my fave (I like the movie too)

new earth---loved this one too (I refer back to it from time to time---have ALOT highlighted in this book--I also participated in the web event she and tolle did)

DID NOT LIKE: Edgar Sawtelle or middlesex

the reader: was okay--the movie was better

the good earth-- I read in high school

reading now: a tale of two cities: it was on my to read list and when she recommened it I decided to go ahead and read it---finding it really hard to get through.


I listened to House of Sand and Fog on tape and LOVED it.


I agree with you about Connie Willis. I haven't read all of her books but I just finished Black Out and All Clear. And I loved the Doomsday Book.


I love love LOVE East of Eden, it's in my top 5. Also in my top 5 is Cry, the Beloved Country. Seriously, read it. I know you'll love it.



i have a lot to say on the subject of "not doing it cause others are" but that's for another day :)

here are the ones I've read: Great Expectations, The Pillars of the Earth, Love in the Time of Cholera , A Million Little Pieces, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, One Hundred Years of Solitude , East of Eden, House of Sand and Fog, Open House,A Map of the World, Tara Road, White Oleander, The Pilot’s Wife, The Reader, Midwives, I Know This Much Is True, Breath, Eyes, Memory, She’s Come Undone, The Book of Ruth, The Deep End of the Ocean

of the ones you haven't read that i have, i really loved The Reader and Breath Eyes Memory. Recommend both wholeheartedly. And I loved One Hundred Years… more than Love in the time of Cholera but I might be in the minority.

I cannot read The Poisonwood Bible for the life of me. I have tried 3 times and even read almost 200 pages one time.


oh and your friend's quote describes my feelings so well:

Andre Dubus III, author of House of Sand and Fog, another OBC selection responded to Franzen with, “It is so elitist it offends me deeply. The assumption that high art is not for the masses, that they won’t understand it and they don’t deserve it – I find that reprehensible. Is that a judgment on the audience? Or on the books in whose company he would be?”


Hard to say what is my favorite off of a list like this. I usually prefer the question, what is the best thing you've read lately.

I would totally recommend Song of Solomon.


I have Poisonwood Bible on my Kindle! I'll have to read it soon.


The books we've both read:
Great expectations.
Where the heart is

I liked night. It was very moving and riveting and sad. My sister (the english teacher) has an incredible project she does with this book when she teaches it. Remind me to tell you about it.

Oddly enough, although I liked Where the heart is, It is the one instance I can think of where I like the movie better than the book. It's one of my favorite movies but I never like the movie better....


Ah, Tale of Two Cities ... do give it a try again - even if it is slow, the ending is worth it. Of course, for many years I was a HUGE Dickens fan! So of course, I also read Great Expectations.

I did both Faulkner's Light in August and Sound and Fury in college. Read The Good Earth in h.s. and have been wanting to re-read it this year. Read Anna K. in college. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter just last year. East of Eden (don't remember when). Drowning Ruth, A Map of the World (loved this one and gave it away almost as soon as I finished it). Vinegar Hill.

It seems like I only got through half of Tara Road (although Binchy is a big favorite of mine - mostly to listen to, so this is possibly why I didn't finish it).

White Oleander. The Pilot's Wife (which spurred a whole Anita Shreve jag for me). Where the Heart Is, What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day.

Only 1/2 way through Ellen Foster and Stones from the River (not sure why). All of Book of Ruth and Deep End of the Ocean.

I couldn't tell you which of this list was a favorite (although the Dickens books are still high on my list). I think perhaps Oprah's lists encouraged me to break from all the classics and begin reading ones considered currently popular, so I owe her some gratitude for that!

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