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Friday, January 21, 2011


Pat Passamonte

Hi Amy, I've wanted to send you a comment for days now, but I've got no time and too much to say. So let me just say, hang in there! Seems like a few deep issues are eating at you. Time heals. I can so relate to what you're going through, but again, I'm moments away from a big meeting (Sigh!) Have a good weekend. Get some rest, be extra nice to yourself.

Becky K

I'm wallowing in the grumpiness, trying day by day to pull out of it. I think it's a combo of cold weather, bills from Christmas (you mean we have to pay for all that sh**???) no sunshine, and pent-up kids (my kids have been off track since DECEMBER 22. Can you say cabin fever for me and them?). I definitely need some alone time!!!

Maybe we ate something at Christmas that gave us the grumpies. Was it in the potatoes? :)


I'm sorry that your grumpy. Did you know that January 17th is statistically the most depressing day of the year? You were just a day ahead of schedule! I bought some bacon chocolate today. I'll have my hubby leave a piece on your porch for you if you think it will make you feel better.

I work out to that song by Pink every morning. The clean version, of course, although I accidentally bought the NOT clean version first. Lost $1.29 on that one!


Now wait- I have seen you at 5 am 5 times in the last 2 weeks and you've been nothing but sweet! That's your hour girlfriend. 5am! :)

ps I was so tired today I was sick. Next week I am getting more sleep if we're going to keep doing this. so why am I still up???? second wind I guess. I could have gone to bed several times between noon and 8pm and now I'm flying. being up late with absolute quiet...... priceless. Hope my kid is good for you tonight. not too loud. no peein' in the hall.... ;)


yikes for the exacto. totally the kind of thing I would be doing!! if you have problems with gmail again, just email me ok? i have some friends who work in that group and can do my best to help.


January, Feb. and March are usually the three hardest months of the year for me. I slide into seasonal depression and a total funk.

This January, strangely enough, it still hasn't hit.

Plus, today I actually felt GOOD! It has been so long that it was almost shocking to have a whole day where I felt really good! John says perhaps the hormones are finally kicking in and balancing out my whacked out system. We'll see if it holds through tomorrow ... and the rest of Jan.

Sorry for your funk though. Since it is January, I feel that you are entitled!

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