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Sunday, January 16, 2011



A yard! A garden! A dining room so we can have lots of people over to eat.

A better wardrobe, because I am extremely shallow.

Pat Passamonte

I'd just like to live not-by-the-clock. I'd like to get up, go to sleep, eat, read, whatever when I want to instead of when I have to. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it!


1. I want to pay off my parents house.
2. Make sure all 9 of my nieces and nephews can go to college.
3. Buy a second house in a small little remote town where we can have family reunions.
4. Not have to work full time.
5. Buy a new car ( under $30,000)
6. And, like you, help others (send a poor family on a vacation of a lifetime, pay someone's medical bills, etc.)


Oh man, I want my own studio. Though maybe we should start with a house. And I'd like to walk into Barnes & Noble & see my books there. And I'd like to say "No" to all the time-suckers. I suppose all of those are non-impossible things. I just need more time!!!

Kim D

Oh, Amy, I was so with you on the mustang, and then noticed the capital M and discovered you were talking about a car. I thought you were talking about a horse! I still mourn the horses I had to part with when I left home, and I always wanted a mustang. But I'd take a new Mustang car in a minute, too. And when you travel to Europe, please go to Greece and the Greek Isles.

Missouri Payday Loan

Amy, I think you can always help other people anytime on your own little way. Say for example, volunteer to teach children in the orphanage, in a way you can help them with their education.

Jody, it’s a great idea helping others by paying their medical bills. We all know that most people claim bankruptcy because of their huge medical bill that keeps on bubbling every month. It’s such a kind act to help them bring back their old life.

As for me, if there are things that I want to do are:
• To feed the hungry people of Africa
• Make Egypt find its PEACE
• Convince North Korea and other countries that possess nuclear bomb to cut its power for good and rather focus on the needs of their community.
• End all wars in the world
• Make all men respect every man’s religion and beliefs
• Uproot everyone’s greed

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