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Sunday, February 27, 2011



It's beautiful, Amy!!

I love love love ME, too.

Monika Wright

Oh, my, this is just so lovely. I would have cried tears of gratitude and joy to have been gifted with such a piece of art for my baby girls.

Becky K

Oh, this is just so beautiful! I want to have a girl just so you can make me blanket. Well, not just because of that, but it's a good reason, I think. :)


Amy-this is actually a comment about your last post. I have a daughter who is now 12, but who had/has the same issues that you are now facing with your son. She was also on the young side (my other two have winter birthdays, so are on the older side). I, too, have stressed so much over the years and still stress a bunch about doing the right thing. What has helped is realizing early on that she is a very visual learner--she needs to see it, touch it, experience it in order to absorb what she is needing to learn and even then we need to talk her through her assignments, reminding her of what she just read and what it means. Its not that she doesn't love school--she does--it just doesn't make as much sense to her as it seems to the other kids. All I can say is, you're not alone, you're not doing anything wrong, and he's not doing anything wrong. He's just a different learner with different needs than his siblings. And, say over and over to yourself "Patience is a virture, patience is a virtue" and give both him and you the ability to just stop for awhile if homwork/learning time gets too frustrating. Take care


This is absolutely beautiful! You are such a gifted individual, Amy! How lucky are those women who have the blessing of your friendship!


I absolutely adore it! You are so talented at picking fabric, maybe next time I make a quilt you'd like to join me at the fabric store? You did a great job on this quilt! Oh yeah! Good for you to get those running shoes back on, it's been nearly 3 weeks since my last run and I just know I am going to pass away from the aftermath of my next run. But, I don't have a choice if I want to run my 5k on May 7th right?! :) BTW I would so love to plan a 5k with you and Becky...

תיקי לידה

I like basically cover around the pieces. Once it was completed, I wanted I had quilted it diversely. I also like such lengthy collections that ran along the sides of each rectangle with white boundary.

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