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Sunday, February 06, 2011


Becky K

A few years ago, two different people told me I looked like Liv Tyler. Which I took as a huge compliment, but don't see it. I also was told I look like the girl from Juno. (It's all in the forehead.)

But I don't really think I look like anyone famous. Wishful thinking, because they are a lot prettier than I ever will be.

I don't see the Annette Benning thing at all. But that is hilarious!


Annette Benning? No. Barbara Hershey? Yes.

When I was younger I was always told that I looked like the girl on Jurassic Park. I hated when people would say that to me because that girl was so annoying in the movie.

Monika Wright

I don't think this, but my mother-in-law tells people I look like Cindy Crawford. Really? A supermodel? My MIL tells people that? So, I totally embrace that someone who to grow to love me when I became a part of the family thinks that I could even come close to be as beautiful as she is. I'd say it's a dissappointment to the people who finally meet me and think, "She looks nothing like Cindy Crawford!"


When I was a kid, people told me I looked like Sandy Duncan in the WheatThins commercial. The one in the field. Still haven't lived that one down.


When I was thinner, a few times people told me I looked like Lady Di. I could see it in a few of hers and my pictures, but no more. Before I had my mole removed, a hairdresser told me I looked like Cindy Crawford. I can't even imagine that. There's no similarity of face shape or anything. It's almost embarrassing to even say that.


People tell me that I look like Kevin Spacey. I don't watch his movies, so I didn't know what he looked like until I did like you and googled his name. The resemblance is uncanny.

I considered getting paid to be a celebrity double, but the celebrity-double agencies require you to learn your celebrity and mimic their speech, vocab, manners, habits, everything. I decided I'd settle for looking like him.


Well...I'm not sure whether to be flattered or feel bad for you. Really, Barbara Hershey, you are exotically beautiful. Embrace the barbara comparison. I don't get the Annette Benning thing but I've only ever seen pictures of you so maybe you have some of her mannerisms?

When I was in college and had long curly hair (before the days when childbearing turned it limp and almost straight), I think the hair and brown eyes made people think I looked like Julia Roberts. I got that a lot (don't hear it AT ALL anymore:)) I've also been told I resemble Elizabeth Shue. But, again, not for a while. Mostly, people just think I look familiar. I think I have a common face. Does that mean you have a common face too???? But, you're exotic!

Kim D

Amy, I can see the Annette Benning in your smile - you have a gorgeous smile. Me? There is no movie star that looks like me. I've often been told I look like a Pam. I even had a boyfriend call me Pam once, and he didn't even know anyone named Pam. In high school, I worked for my best friend's dad who was the Tax Collector. I was even at their house, and he called me Pam all the time in the office. So I guess I look like Pam. Unfamous Pam. :-)

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