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Thursday, February 03, 2011



I didn't comment on your e-reader post before, and I know this response won't help you because you despise e-readers. I will share my thoughts now, just for fun, because it an answer to many of your questions.

One thing an e-reader does very well is organize your reading and reduce clutter. You have all your books with you in one slim little unit. You can have several books active at once, it always saves your page, and keeps track of what you have read. You can have save items for later and bookmark at the store. There is no wait on the library list and there is no rush to return.

Also, I would like to point out that classics are pretty much free, you support writers by purchasing a copy, and you reduce the impact on the environment.


When I had more order in my life, I "simply"--:)-- kept a list of books in a section of my Franklin Planner.

I have organized bones, but my muscles are needing toning. When you're ready to attack the spice cabinet, let me know. :)

Megan B.

I use Goodreads to keep track of what I've read, what I want to read, and even books I want to read to my son eventually.


I don't know if Goodreads actually helps me be organized when it comes to reading, because I'm just not an organized person, but if a book sounds interesting, I put it on my to-read list. Then, when I'm at the library or bookstore, I can look at that shelf on my phone and find something I want to read. But, a lot of the time, I just bypass the hundred books on that list and read something else I fancy. I'm crazy like that.


I've been enjoying goodreads, but I wouldn't say it helps me be more organized.


I have an e-reader, but I still like my stacks of "real" books. I keep an on-going list in a small notebook that sits next to my computer. I write down all the books I want to buy. When I'm ready to buy one, I check my books, order a couple (real or ebook), and make a checkmark through the title in my notebook. Now, theoretically, I should have no physical or electronic stacks of books, but I do. They give me comfort to have them, like if I get stranded in my house for a year or two (although with the ereader, that argument really does me no good) and have nothing else to do, I'll be set. Of course, I use the same argument for scrapbooking supplies and fabric, so I guess I'll need to be stranded in my house for quite a while to use up everything. Keep sharing what you're reading. It gives me ideas for my book list!


imho the simplest solution is always the best solution. if one calls to you then go for it. pick the one that's easiest, fastest, and most convenient. even a piece of paper will do if you'll actually use it regularly. imho. i use the bookshelf on my ipad and i make a long list each year and keep it on my blog. i update as i get more ideas so it's all in one place and i can go back to it all year long when i need to pick a new book to read.


Goodreads has changed my life : ) Really. I am far more organized with what I've read and what I want to read, plus what I want to remember... I love it!

Susan F.

As far as keeping track of what I want to read, i go totally "old school" and keep lists on index cards in my purse to reference at the library or in bookstores. If anything catches my eye while surfing Amazon, I'll add it to my Wish List until I can transfer the info to my index cards. To keep track of what I have read, I keep a journal to note the title, author, and my personal enjoyment rating ( 1-5 stars).


I love, love, love Goodreads. It's great fun to browse through my "to-read" list, remember lots of wonderful books I would have forgotten about otherwise, then put one on reserve at the library. It's occasionally intimidating, because my to read list is so huge. Maybe someday I'll have a fancy enough phone to see the list when I'm actually at the library. Although I prefer a visit to the library to be an experience of serendipity. When I go looking for a particular book, I often leave disappointed, as my branch doesn't have it on the shelves and I end up putting it on reserve anyway.


Late to the party, but I totally agree with GoodReads. The app for my iPhone is so handy when I'm at the library or bookstore. Plus I've found some great recommendations from friends lists. If you go the GoodReads route, would you please consider sharing your contact info on here or through email? I'd love to be "friends" to get your reviews. :) (I hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish. LOL)

Kim D

Goodreads has not changed my life, but I do enjoy it. I use it to keep track of books I've read and ones I need to acquire. I have two bookcases in my little study/game room, and there are a couple of books on one shelf I want to read. Most of my "read for fun" books are in a 2-shelf bookcase in the guest room. I keep the books I've read and want to keep on the bottom shelf and the to-read books on the top. Needless to say, they are lying flat, in stacks, completely filling up the space. How do I decide what to read? It's what looks good at the moment. :-) No help, I'm sure. And I probably have 60 books in there needing to be read. I'd get to them, if I stop buying books. But that's not likely to happen. What DOES happen is that if I want to keep something and there's no room on the bottom shelf or my downstairs bookcases, something has to go. It's been helpful to get rid of school helpers now that my son is in high school and manuals for no-longer-used software - that made enough room for a while. No help, right? You'll figure out what works for you, it just may take a while.


I, like you, tend to be disorganized and so my practice will be of no service to you. I have always written my desired to-read lists on scraps of paper and then shoved them into my cavernous purse. At the library, I will pull them out if I'm not headed for something particular.

There is never enough time to read everything that I want to read. But, I can look at the lists and see progress made - titles I recognize as having read after listing them.

What I am truly excited about these days is that the teacher I worked with in my last year of employment has informed me that she will be go to working part time in the children's section of the DeKalb library (where we used to live) when she retires this June. We always drive through DeKalb on our way to our 10 day camp and I am tickled about the possibility of having her check out some of the books we used to love there but cannot access here.


P.S. I still want to write a post where I count all the books in our home (a daunting task that keeps the post from appearing). It would be fascinating to see how we compare in that respect.

kim g

join goodreads...so I can be your 'friend' and see what you are reading.....goodreads is a great place to organize your books, but it has just made my 'to-read' list so much longer....that I don't know how or when i will read those 527 books! but it has minimized the lists of books, or post-it notes, or scratch pieces of paper in my purse and around my house with books that i want to read or have my kids read flung everywhere...goodreads....do it!

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