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Run Like a Girl

This month's Write Click Scrapbook gallery is up! We all made mini albums, and holy cow—there is some CUTE stuff on there. Set aside a half hour and be seriously inspired.

For my mini, I put together a little theme album I've been wanting to do for years: a place to record my races. Even though it's an album about running (which is a sweaty, tough thing to do, right?) I went with a girly feel, using my favorite color combination (pink and black). Here's the cover:

Run like a girl 01 asorensen 

On the inside, I've got spots for 5ks, 10ks, half marathons (by far the thickest section!), marathon (for the glorious day when I finally accomplish one), and then miscellaneous distances (this is where, for example, Ragnar will go). You can see the rest of the album on the WCS site. (Well, not ALL of the pages, but an idea!)

I made the album simple by creating templates in my word processor. All I have to do, the next time I run a race, is open the templates, add my journaling and stats, print the photo, and stick everything down. It took me awhile to round up all my race photos and bibs (and, sadness, I couldn't find all of the bibs), but now that it's all assembled, it will be easy to maintain. Happiness! It's great to cross this project off of my perpetual scrapbooking to-do list!


Becky K

I loved your mini. And now I want one. Can a non-scrapbooker scrap? Can a wood chuck chuck wood? hmm.

And I can't wait for you to have something in the RAGNAR part!!! Squee! So excited to run this with you. It will be so awesome recieving that sweaty slap-bracelet from my sister.


Cute! As I'm cleaning out my office, I have to face the reality of practically 30 years of unscrapped photos in three shoeboxes. Looking at some of them yesterday with ds inspired me to want to do a bit of scrapping this year.

Oh, and I love "Run Like a Girl." I have a couple of 90's Nike ads I think you'd like, though I gave away my ad featuring a female olympic track star labeled "Run Like a Girl."

How else would we run, I ask you? :)

You rock, by the way.

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