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Wednesday, February 09, 2011



I love how you wrote this story. beautiful. It is a little scary, trying to keep up. I am kind of a holdout... i don't every jump on the newest techno thing. I wait and wait and sometimes they pass me by and sometimes I succumb and find they are really all they're talked up as being. We all have our snarky shield moments. You were good to be patient with hers and see through it. hope your headache is better. I am home. Hoping for Friday..... ;)

Monika Wright

19-year old watched movies on the black rectangle apparatus and asked for the new Sony Walkman for Christmas. 5- and 7-year olds watch their movies on the Blu-Ray PS4 round shiny thing apparatus and know how to operate our iPhones and iPods.

Thanks for your wonderfully told recollection and an idea for a layout, too!

You rock, in case I haven't told you that lately!


Oh my, too funny. I also like to look at the piercings and the tatoos and think how my grandchildren be altering themselves in 30 years time.


When I got out my old View-Master for Kate she called the disks DVDs.


This post reminds me of how horrified I am of Blu-Ray. I still use a VCR, and I'm ticked (SO TICKED) that you can't buy JUST a VCR anymore. DVDs are fine. Blu-Ray? Out of the question! It's too soon! We've only been using DVDs for 15 years. We don't need this Blu-Ray nonsense!


What Jamie said.

And my own thoughts:

I remember on my mission thinking, "I will never use a computer. They are dumb."


There is some great quote one of my professors had up on his wall about the learners vs. the learned, and how the learned will someday find themselves "remarkable equipped to cope with a world that no longer exists." Or something like that. I worry I'm going to fit into that category someday, I'm so old fashioned sometimes. But then I remember that quote and I make myself move on.

Chris S.

Great post! It made me think of my grandma and when we upgraded her rotary phone to a cordless phone. She could not understand that she could move around with it and even take it into another room. All in all she did quite well with all the technology changes she saw in her life. Right before she passed away one of her big concerns was "I've never seen an email."


Yes, I feel so with it as far as technology goes right now, but I know that someday I'll be the old person. What a scary thought.


Next time I call the reference desk to ask about a book with a lady who goes through time and ends up in Scotland and hooks up with this red-headed noble guy, I'll make sure to be really snarky about it. Because really, who wants to watch a movie about FDR?

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