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So, this week I haven't been blogging much here, but I HAVE been blogging a lot elsewhere: I've been hosting the write. click. scrapbook. blog.

For the past two weeks or so, I've been carting around a half-written blog about scrapbooking. I'm still not ready to write it, but I think that's mostly because I've been writing so much on WCS about a scrapbooking topic that's near & dear to my heart. Namely: using your stuff.

Because seriously, people, I have a lot of scrapbook stuff.

Two Fridays ago, Becky (along with my niece Kayci and my other sister Suzette) just happened to stop by my house. Now, I only rarely have my house "company clean" because really, I only rarely have company. I guess I'm just not the sort of person who has friends dropping by all the time. And my house was in its usual cluttered-yet-clean-underneath disarray.

Except for my scrapbooking room, which looked a tiny tsunami of scrapping supplies had been unleashed. I was just wrapping up the prep on my Write Now class, and I'd been so consumed with making layouts that putting stuff away just seemed pointless. Why file it all when then I'd just have to flip through all my drawers to figure out where the thing I needed next had been stashed? It was much easier to just pile up all the stuff I was using on the floor.

I think Becky was shocked at my mess. And trust me: she's seen lots of my messes!

But here's the thing. All of that mess? It's just proof. I'm consciously striving not to horde. Not to see my supplies as sacred, untouchable items just waiting for the "perfect" layout. Instead, I've decided every layout is the perfect layout. Whatever I'm working on right now is deserving of whatever supply I want to use. Even if I use up an entire package of rub-ons or letter stickers or whatever. I've moved that product out of my collection and into my albums. Which really is where it belongs!

And honestly. This post isn't the one I want to write about scrapbooking. The WCS posts aren't the one that's still in my head, either. Maybe next week! But I hope you'll click on over and read my thoughts there, anyway. Just because I want  you (if you're a scrapper) to make layouts with your stuff, too! And, if you're  not, to maybe get inspired to become one. Or to use the horde of craft supplies I know you do have, be they fabric or cross stitching or knitting or tole painting or whatever.

Yeah, it's messy. It might just annoy your husband and shock your sister. But somewhere in that mess comes happiness: stories are getting matched up with words. And I know not everyone gets why that makes me happy. (In fact, I don't know if anyone I'm skin friends with really knows how obsessed I am with scrapping!) But it does—make me happy. It brings me a great sense of peace. It lets me relive good moments. If I get it down, the words, the stories, the photos, then, like Dad said, if I ever do forget like he has, someone else can read it and remember.

And there's value in that to me!


Becky K

Amy, it takes way more than that to freak me out, mess-wise. I was just amazed at how much scrapbook stuff you have! It's awesome. I was a twinge jealous that you can be creative in that way. The thought of scrapbooking brings me hives (strange, since you can remember me doing it, probably!) So no, I wasn't a-skeered of your mess. I did share a room with you for 9 years after all. :)

Keep scrapping!

Robin W.

I enjoyed your posts over at WCS. I really liked how you talked about how quilters view their stash differently. I've never minded mixing old and new supplies and I have some really old ones :) I just need to get over the feeling that I shouldn't use something up.

Rhonda H

OHHHHHHNOYADON'T! You're not ABOUT to cut us off right as we are picking up steam with using our "SCHTUFF"!! More! WE need more. If one fits into the category about which you blogged this week, then one needs MORE. More encouragement, more specifics, more chop-busting! I now propose a weekly segment called "Use Your Stuff, 2 1/2". I can tell you if that showed up in my inbox every week with creative energy prompts, I'd be, well, I'd be the "most perfect-est scrapbooktress" ever. Well...okay. But I still think it is a good idea for a blog post...whaddaya think??? Better yet...I think it's.......A BOOK.
Nah, I'd still do better with weekly reminders in my inbox.

Kim D

I just went and read every post you made at WCS - wow, every one was great. It was like getting an issue of a favorite magazine to read, and I loved every post. Thank you.

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