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hey there, handsome

For as long as I can remember, Kaleb has not let me call him handsome. I don't know why, but he hates that word. Even though he is handsome!

Kaleb stud muffin 

Last night, after books and prayers, I was talking to him about his day, and we had this conversation:

"How was school?" I asked.

"It was great! Oh! I forgot to tell you somethin."

"What's that?"

"Know how I don't like you to call me handsome? Well, I learned some words today that mean the same thing!"

"OK, what words?"

"Well, when I am lookin good and cute and you want to call me handsome, my friend River told me some better words. She said I am a stud muffin. So you can call me that instead of handsome."




So . . . are you going to do it?

Monika Wright

I don't know why, but I got choked up. Kids are the best ever. And you must be so proud, as a wordy, that you young son knows there's more than one word for handsome...I want to snuggle him right now!

Pamela K.

LOL!!!!!!! What a cutie! Oh,uh,I mean stud muffin.:-}


Ha! Love it! :)


how well did you hold in the laugh? did you remain stoic. Did you have to grab a pillow and stuff your face in it? inquiring minds want to know!


you should never have told us about your ranting blog about punctuation because now all I can think about is I just put a period where a question mark is supposed to be! ;)

Becky K

I'm for sure going to call him that on Friday!!!!


Great guffaws of laughter from here in the southern hemisphere!


and what a handsome little stud muffin he is.


Aren't boys a barrel of laughs? Funny how "handsome" sounds so much more dignified than "stud muffin" yet he chooses the latter.

Chris S.

Love it! I laughed out loud. I'm sure you'll be calling him a stud muffin now forever. I can just imagine the embarrassment you can cause for him in front of his friends in his high school years ;)



I love it.

Kim D

There is a scrapbook page here - with a photo of him (any photo) at the age he is now. You HAVE to scrap this memory.

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