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What a Pain in the...

Off and on since Christmas, I've been having little bouts of back pain. Nothing unmanageable, just surprising as this has never been a problem for me.

Never, until Tuesday afternoon when, for whatever reason—I'm guessing it's all the coughing I'd been doing—the pain grew and grew and grew. By the time I got home that evening (after a delightful girls' night out with my friends Jamie and Wendy which I'd like to get around to blogging about when I can sit for longer than ten minutes), the pain could only be described as horrendous. Standing wasn't as painful as sitting, which was excruciating. Even sitting up in bed hurt. So I begged out of the gym the next morning, took six Advil, and went to bed.

Theoretically. If by "went to bed" I mean "tried to keep myself from instinctually turning over and curling into fetal position and then shocking myself out of sleep" then yes: I "went to bed."

Most of Wednesday was spent like this: lying flat in bed, trying to hold perfectly still. So Kendell talked me into going to see the doctor on Thursday. Prognosis:

I have a back ache.

Specifically, my sacroiliac joints are inflamed and annoyed. Who can blame them? I tend to be inflamed and annoyed in general. I had an x-ray, which came back, in the verbose words of the doctor's secretary, "negative." I'm assuming that means everything is OK, but she was in a hurry, apparently, and didn't have time to explain.

I spent an hour at a physical therapist's office, getting massaged and heated and stretched. The electrical stimulation part was heaven. I wish I could just stay there with the electrical stimulation for the next week or so. Of course, I can't stay there indefinitely. There's laundry to be done around here, people! Meals to be cooked. Toilets to be cleaned.

This morning, after a night's worth of ininterrupted sleep (thanks to the muscle relaxer the doctor prescribed), my back doesn't hurt as much. Sitting is still  the most painful thing, but standing and walking—even twisting a little bit—without grunting has once again become possible in my world.

I might even survive. As long as I never have to sit down again.



Ouchie! I'm so sorry!



That sucks. I hope it feels better soon, and i hope you get some decent answers.

Becky K

Oh, I am sorry!!! I hope that it gets better soon. There is nothing worse than back pain. Take care of yourself! Do you need me to come down and clean some toilets?


"I tend to be inflamed and annoyed in general." Snort. : ) I sort of feel your pain, except not in my back but rather my left foot. I nearly begged Matt to cut it off this week. Because surely that would be better than the alternative :P


Ouch, I hope you feel better soon. I laughed at the same thing Elizabeth did :)


Oh no! Back pain is the worse because there's no way around it. What don't we use our backs for? I hope the drugs, sleep, and positive vibes I'm sending get you back to your normal pain-free but generally inflamed and annoyed self soon!


I too had to copy and paste this line: "I tend to be inflamed and annoyed in general." Ha! That describes me to a tee these days. And, I've been right there with you on back pain recently. Couldn't believe it took over two weeks before I could walk normally and not wince. Even today, I'm hesitant about bending too much or in awkward angles.

Like Lucy, I'm sending you good vibes and sincere wishes for recovery.


Feel better Amy - that doesn't sound fun!:(


I hope you feel better soon, Amy. I went through the back pain in October, ended up at the chiropractor's office (after the doctor suggested muscle relaxers: how does one teach teenagers while on muscle relaxers?). Every week I get a massage, work out in the gym three days a week with the trainer, and e-stem each time I go in. The e-stem does help. Hang in there. You will feel better soon.

Pamela K.

Yikes! Hope you are feeling much better real soon! Backaches are a pain in the backside!:-(


One word...Chiropractor. He makes ALL of my aches and pains go away. I go on a regular basis (monthly) and get LOTS more than the 1-word answers that I get from medical people. Ask around to get recommendations from friends. I highly recommend it!

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