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Who Knew?

  • Forget the hot pad. The thing that calms down back spasms is an ice pack. Who knew? We still have the ones Kendell came home with after his hip surgery. They stay flexible so they conform right along your spine. Twenty minutes of relaxing with the ice pack and I can function again for a few hours.
  • It is FREEZING here but my daffodils are blooming! "Spring in Utah," as the saying goes. It's highly bipolar.
  • I am totally in love with NPR. Drives Kendell & the kids crazy! I started listening to it in November when my favorite radio station went off the air. I've felt so much more involved with the world and what is happening.
  • My favorite radio station came back on in the air in December, but I didn't know until last week when Becky finally clued me in.
  • My kids will all eat orange chicken. You know...the completely unhealthy stuff from Panda or Flaming Wok. (If I could have the Flaming Wok chicken and the Panda chow mein, my meal would be happy.) That makes one—exactly one—meal that everyone will eat without complaining. Kaleb said on Monday, when he wasn't excited about the dinner I made—spaghetti with red sauce—"Can't we go eat at the Hot Wok instead?" (tee hee)
  • While I love our charter school's curriculum for the older kids, I'm not crazy about the kindergarten class. I finally told Kaleb's teacher, when she stopped by the library one day, that I think they are pushing them TOO hard—and she agreed. Not that my complaining will change anything, but my realization has at least given me some peace with Kaleb's progress. They can push phonics all they want at school, but at home I'm going with the old-fashioned way of learning to read. I'm helping him figure out math instead of getting frustrated that he can't do it on his own. (What normal kindergartener CAN carry numbers anyway?) I'm not going to stress about it now.
  • Eating too many Lindt truffle balls in an effort to energize yourself through a two-week stretch of intensive class prep WILL make you gain weight. Seriously. Trust me on this.

What's surprised you lately?



Mrs. B. Roth

Amen on the truffles ... but they are sooo good, mmmm. Need a whole bag now, quick before the kids get home.


Oh man, I learned the ice trick after my car accident. My PT practically yanked the heating pad from my clutches. We ended up compromising: ice on my back (where there was actual damage), heat on my front (where...other things reside, ahem) to keep everyone happy. :)


Becky K

Ice is heaven. Heaven I say! Ah, thinking of you at PT reminds me of all the hours we used to spend there when we were awesome gymnasts. I used to love the electro-stimulation too. So glad the ice is helping!

Now can you make my daffodils bloom? I'm excited to see what kind I planted!


I like NPR too.

Pamela K.

Thanks for sharing the ice trick. I'll need to remember that one.

I love NPR as well and it also drives hubby nuts.

I remember we would teach our son at home the way we learned math when he was small. I wish educators would remember the
saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


I would have used a heating pad, so...good to know.

I like NPR but only in small doses. Nothing wrong with their programing but I have a serious problem listening to people talk for too long. I love having conversations, but listening to them and, worse, monologues...not so much.

I'm a HUGE fan of Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I've just started with Henry and have had great success with my older boys. I hate phonics.


I have several podcasts from NPR I like to listen to. I need to find the station in the car though. WHat is it?

My biggest surprise lately was melted plastic in my dish drainer :)

how's your back doing?
I have totally slacked off this week. Don't you dare feel responsible. It was a nice break. I needed it but I'm going back next week. I had an early morning dentist appt. with the 3 youngest yesterday and I should go tomorrow but I'm all about consistency..... didn't go monday, didn't go wednesday....

Keshet Shenkar

I hear the love of orange chicken and Lindt truffles--what can I say:)

Chris S.

Glad you've found some help for your back!(and truffles help with pain too)

Recent surprise - I can last a week without Diet Pepsi :)


Ummm - the truffles sound great and I love NPR ~ it is often the station on in the car.

Ran my first 10 miles on Saturday ~ Seriously, who thought that would ever happen. Heading out for another 10 in the morning..... we'll see if I can do it again???

Hope your back is feeling better!!


Surprised that the friend I bought an hour long massage for hasn't bothered to get back in touch with me about it in over a month. Perhaps, I just need a bag of truffles (I like orange chicken, too).

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