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Thursday, April 07, 2011



Mumford and Sons is not always appropriate for little ears, just be forewarned ; ) We love, love Pete Yorn and were so pleasantly surprised by Scarlett Johansen on that album! We got to see Pete Yorn open for Big Head Todd & the Monsters at Red Rocks outside Denver ten years ago before most people knew who he was!

Becky K

I love Dog Days are Over! I just downloaded it last week after falling in love with it on the ride home from work. It seemed like a song you would also like so I wasn't surprised to see it at the top of this list!!


I love posts like this because I have a real reference to go and listen to new music (which I always need). Thanks! Love Dog Days but the other individual songs, I can't say I've heard.


Ha Ha. I'm just like you. Apparently, the entire Mates of State album this song is on has been previously purchased. I had a feeling I was under utilizing the thousands of songs already on itunes:)


Have you listened to Sons of sylvia? Carly bought the album and I like them. my music taste is not very eclectic so I don't think there's much I've heard that you haven't but I thought maybe these guys might be new to you. I like john wayne and love left to lose and give me love.

Kim D

This is difficult because I'm loving so much different music right now.

Neon Trees - everything they do, but especially Animal
The Script - probably my favorite band and especially The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Plain White T's - also a favorite
A Fine Frenzy - love her voice
Brandi Carlile - honest music
Nikki and Rich - The Next Big Thing
Patty Griffin - soulful music, I love Heavenly Day
Nikki Yanofsky - (jazz) this young lady has an amazing voice and I think we'll be hearing alot from her. I love I Believe (not jazz)
And I'm also loving P!nk, Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Melanie Fiona, Ray la Montaigne, Train and about 50 more.


I just downloaded "Dog Days Are Over," last week. It is such a peppy song and I am going to include it in the playlist I am compiling for a 5K I am doing tomorrow. What are dog days anyway? Are they different from salad days?


Oh, I'm so glad you loved Mates of State as much as I do. I could listen to their songs 1,000 times and not be sick of them. Thanks for the other recommendations, I'm going to check them out!

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