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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Monika Wright

Yes, being able to say, "I won!" is a huge boost to the ego and does something to make me strive for more. I am NOT athletic and was never on a team, so my "wins" are different, but it still makes me feel good.


why or why are you so down on yourself - YOU WON!!! It wasn't a random name drawn out of a hat roll of the bunko dice win, it was a an actual contest of skill, and she is what 16 in her physical prime and you are a mother of four, and I believe you have mentioned and injury or two. You are awesome - congratulate yourself!!

Chris S.

Way to go!!
That's awesome :)


I agree with Maureen - yell to the world that you came in FIRST and you deserved it because you worked hard to get it. Now if I ran ... I couldn't even finish the course (running is alien to my being, I think).

Congrats, Amy!


Yay Amy ~ That's wonderful! As runner's I think we are always looking for that next best time. I can't speak for you, but when I am faster than someone else i think think that my watch is off, that they are ill, or that maybe I am dreaming it, ha! But then I realize i have worked for this and I am actually faster because of the simple fact that i am faster than the person next to me. you were faster, you've worked for that - you won - way to go!


I never enter blog giveaways either. I'm not a winner. I mean, I AM A WINNER... IF it involves skill. I will kick everyone's trash at every baby shower game known to man! BUT I never win anything random. Which is why I have devoted my life to the illegalization of BINGO.

Congrats on your big win! If it had been me, I would be secretly tooting my own horn.


congrats! savor and enjoy and bask in the glory of it. There's nothing at all wrong with savoring it. You deserved every little ounce of it. :)


Congratulations Amy - I am sure your win was a reflection of all the hard work you have put into training over the last weeks and months. Well done!

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