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If You are of the Scrapbooking Persuasion...

then you should come help us celebrate:

Write click scrapbook celebrates 2 years hooray 

(My assigned letter was P. I bought a cute little tiny cake with a green frosting P on it, but when I held it up for a picture, all the frosting slid off, right into my lap, before Haley—my official photographer—could snap the picture. So I used a fridge magnet instead, but I'm still a little annoyed that my tiny cake idea didn't work out.)

This week at Write Click Scrapbook we're celebrating our third birthday. There is, of course, the new June Gallery, where we all worked within the concept of being inspired by something on the WCS site. My layout

 Beach joy asorensen
was inspired by a recent week about using fabric on your layouts. I keep lots of fabric bits and pieces with the intention of using them on a layout, but then I forget, or I don't want to get my sewing machine out. Need to get over that! There's also a new design this month, and this week there are two days of product give aways, today and tomorrow.

I've been with this group for a year, so it's a sort of anniversary for me, too. I'm consistently inspired by the other team members, and not just by their WCS contributions, but by their ability to be a presence in the scrapbooking world. They manage to influence other people, which isn't something I'm good at. I love that about them!

Not only do I get to contribute, I'm also a recipient of that inspiration. My scrapbooking has become stronger and more focused, closer to what I really want to do with my hobby of choice—which is, of course, to record the stuff I don't want to forget. The stuff I am, frankly, terrified of forgetting. That's the simple purpose of WCS: Getting your memories down where they're not forgotten. It's a place that helps you remember that the memories matter most, and everything else? Well, that's just the icing on the cake.

(Of course, it's the sort of icing that doesn't slide off into your lap, possibly staining your favorite pair of jeans and forcing you to rethink your clothes for the day. Totally not that kind of icing!)



Excellent work with that 'P'.

Becky K

I love your layout and the cute picture of you! Happy birthday & anniversary!! They are lucky to have you!

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