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Saturday, July 23, 2011



Oh, poor toes! And poor daughter!

Drat those running consequences!


For real? Running can do that? All the more reason for me to hold still.




We forgot to list missing toenails as one of the annoyances of running. I went to get a pedicure a few-too-many weeks ago after my #4 toe (next to the pinky) lost its nail. I was surprised that my pedicure lady could take care of my toe & paint a pretend nail there. It looked pretty good, even though it didn't last for more than a few weeks.


I have two permanently removed large toenails (due to a persistent fungal infection caught in the Philippines). I have often wondered whether there is some way to place a temporary replacement toenail on so I can polish ALL of my toenails (honestly, I almost never do it, because the polish wears off on the two bare toes and then merely draws more attention to my unique trait - search for my blog post on "unique trait" sometime - ha)?

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